Spongebob Squarepants Backpack

November 25th, 2013

UnknownNearly sent to spam, then it hit me how hip it is.Spongebob Squarepants backpack from Nicolodean and Sprayground, $65 pic.twitter.com/YAm5U80tdC Every kid of a certain age, and club kid should have one.

Bro, Pass the Pasta

November 25th, 2013

Philadelphia Flyers at Cafe Martorano Carb city. Women complain that real men don’t hit the soiree circuit in Manhattan. I feel as if this photo of hockey players chowing down Italian-style, shows a peak at a world that we rarely see on the celeb circuit here in Manhattan. The Philadelphia Flyers are facing off against the Florida Panthers tonight, but they got into town a day early to feast at Chef (and Philly native) Steve Martorano’s famed Café Martorano in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The whole team, including star players Matt Read and Wayne Simmons, was on hand for a true Italian-American Sunday dinner, enjoying homemade Mozzarella, stuffed Zucchini Flowers, Philly Cheesesteaks (a taste of home), Baked Clams, Rigatoni with Oxtail, Veal Chop, Mac and Cheese, Red Velvet Cake and more. The team has won their past three games in a row and are hoping the carb fest will fuel them for the ice tonight!

Sean Penn Walks The Walk in Haiti

November 25th, 2013

Unknown-1Picture of Sean Penn from his brand new Instagram account. “With this picture,” he wrote. “I bust my Instagram cherry. Gonna try to share snaps of our @jphro work in #Haiti and the country and its amazing people. In this shot, I’m walking where 60,000 people lived in tents after the earthquake. We’ve got 58,000 back in homes… It’s a start.” Okay, maybe celebs really should embrace direct media. This is the first time I’ve actually liked the guy. Twenty years ago, in a ballroom at the Pierre, he apologized to me for not wanting to talk to press, and I haven’t heard his voice since. But here, he is seen truly walking the walk.
Personally, I haven’t been brave enough to go back to Haiti since the revolution.His instagram account
Penn’s organization http://jphro.orginstagram account
Penn’s organization http://jphro.org

Michelle Obama Wears Naeem Khan

November 21st, 2013

President Obama Holds Dinner For Medal Of Freedom HonoreesSo happy for Naeem Khan that First Lady Michelle Obama wore his dress to the dinner at the Smithsonian for Medal of Freedom recipients. It was a custom black beaded tulle halter gown and looked spectacular on her. I know this isn’t the best shot of her, but it does show off the dress. And it is a superb photo of the President. So sad that the Republicans are trying so very hard to rip apart his health care program, when people need it so badly. Congrats to Ben Bradlee; this reporter was at Grey Gardens, his house in East Hampton this summer the day he heard he would be getting one of the awards. Bill Clinton also honored. Rafanelli Events did the stellar table settings!

Young Hirsute Hollywood

November 19th, 2013

Unknown-1You have to have some scruff to be anyone in macho young Hollywood. Top,right: Spiderman Andrew Garfield getting gas with a fresh crop of manly facial hair. Trend alert. Also pictured, similarly macho young turks, Adrian Grenier, Scott Dissick, and Magic Mike’s Alex Pettyfer tested Formula one cars in Austin during an EnV Group Formula 1 weekend and all were working similar beards. Joy Bryant, Jennie Garth joined in with the event, not the facial hair, ahem. They dined at Goodall’s at Hotel Ella before partying at Amber Lounge. On Saturday, guests headed out to the Circuit Of the Americas to watch the Formula 1 qualifying round and enjoying a ride in a 3-seater Formula 1 race car. Magic Mike star, Alex Pettyfer took a lap around the track with Indy Car racer Simona De Sylvestri. And Jennie Garth said it was the thrill of her life!

Saturday night, EnV Group President David Lynd hosted a Texas-style BBQ for the stars at a private residence before they headed out to Amber Lounge, where they were joined by Gerard Butler and Gordon Ramsey. On Sunday after the Formula 1 race at the Circuit of the Americas, guests sipped Dulce Leche margaritas and champagne in the owners suite before catching a finale performance by Pitbull. EnV Group’s THE BOWIE, FYI, is a rising residential tower in Austin.

EnV Group Formula1 Weekend at Amber Lounge
Photo Credit: EnV Group

Zindzi Mandela at NY Premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

November 15th, 2013

Exciting to meet Zindzi Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s daughter tonight at the NYC premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. She had been to the White House recently for yet another screening. The director told me that some people try to use the White House screenings to promote their films, but Obama had asked to see this one. Zindzi Mandela is super lovely and warm and open. They said she was done done done talking to everyone. Then she walked right up to me and chatted for what felt like ages. Just feels so historic. Like meeting one of Lincoln’s children. Likely, long walk to Oscar this season with this group. . . she said it was tough for her to see it in the White House and go through all the personal emotions the film brought up for her, in “public” like that.

Backstage at Victoria Secret with Taylor Swift, The Afterfete, and Gaga

November 14th, 2013

Big day. Backstage at Victoria Secret show in the afternoon. The gals are all running around in silk robes. Then I stopped at the premiere of Charlie Countryman. Evan Rachel Wood is really nice, and I stayed for the first half of the film. And it was so great. Wild party scene where Shia LaBouf drops acid (for real). The movie was about to get super violent, and I had to run anyway, which was perfect. Went to afterfete for Victoria Secret at Tao Downtown (where Leo had his birthday last week). Really great. Talked to nearly every last one of them. They are all soooo beautiful, and nice. They really had fun with Taylor Swift onstage at the show. Taylor had to run off to London–a drag, because Karlie Kloss and the gals loved her and really wanted to hang with her more. They were all backstage together at the show. The party was perfection. They played the show on big screens and all the models were right there in the crowd. The show is actually better on a screen, rather than sitting there while they change the sets. And at one point there was a crush. People just poured into the room. But for once, it wasn’t like being on the subway and being crushed together with people. They were all supermodels. And some were making out with guys, and it didn’t seem to bother them at all that we were suddenly packed in like sardines. Just kept making out. Just the most beautiful people all in a big crush. You just couldn’t move. Seriously, the only time I didn’t mind ever, being crowded like that. And it only lasted a few minutes. And then it was just totally back to being a normal room with lots of delicious food. I saw Noah Tepperberg, who owns the place, and I mentioned that he is killing it at Tao Downtown. Because seriously, between Leo’s birthday last weekend and VS after fete, he has REALLY come a long way since the days he owned a small Kareoke bar on a corner. I mean that was fun, too, but this is BIG Time. And the place has a lot of homey touches, and it is spacious. It is as if he brought gracious Vegas entertaining to Manhattan. Big score!
Oh, and then back at my office, Gaga was playing at the H&M on our corner. No kidding. And there were thousands of people watching at the new H&M which opened at midnight tonight. And I had to show Police my badge that I work you know where, next door, and they were like fine, and our office door was right next to red carpet. This has happened to me in LA before during award season, where all of a sudden it is as if the whole world has a red carpet–and there are like miles of check points and metal fencing and road blocks and armies of security, and you’re like, What is going on. It is like a bad dream of the future.

Jessica Alba in Transmission

November 12th, 2013

2522 Gentlemen, revv your engines, Jessica Alba wears pic of Keith Richards on t-shirt from Transmission. Available at Fred Segal And Alba apparently wore yet another Transmission t-shirt the day before. Vroom, vroom.
Is it me, or is she doing his look, a bit, with the glasses and the big hair?

Rosetta Toasts Sabine Ghanem

November 11th, 2013

Unknown-1Unknown-3Unknown-4Unknown-2Just met Rosetta Getty at the Big Sur premiere about a week ago, her husband, Balthazar Getty plays Michael McClure. And she is already back in Los Angeles and did a fab dinner with Eric Buterbaugh (florist to the stars) in honor of jewelry designer Sabine Ghanem. Rosetta and Eric hosted it at her house—vintage stuffed Polar bear in one corner of her tony library. Long tables with ball room chairs, all white, with big gold candelabras with soaring tapers and big gold chargers in front of fireplace, filed with lit candles. Gorgeous flowers, tiel and white nod to Buterbaugh, who has an inspired shop at the Four Seasons Hotel. And even an inspired arangment on the floor in a corner wth a lit candelabra. Guests included Amber Valetta, Bettina Santo Domingo, Chord Overstreet, Eva Chow, Gela Nash-Taylor, Nicole Richie & Joel Madden, Pam Skaist-Levy, Poppy Delevingne, Shiva Rose, and Stefano Pilati. Coctails on the terrace before the seated dinner. And special guests wore Sabine Ghanem’s fab jewelry. Never really seen blackberry’s that big, I mean the fruit , not the nearly-retro phone, set in whipped cream that that topped the dessert.Unknown

Michael Buckner/Getty

Trey Smith Hits 21 at Lavo Vegas

November 11th, 2013

Trey Smith, Will SmithTrey Smith, Will SmithWill Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Trey Smith,Willow Smith, Sheree Zampino, Terrell Fletcher, Jaden Smith at LAVO credit Mishalene Bloom

Happy birthday Trey Smith, who turned 21 at Lavo Vegas on Sunday. Smith, aka DJ ACE, arrived in a natty suit and was joined by dad Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, siblings Jaden and Willow, Trey’s mom Sheree Zampino and her husband former NFL pro Terrell Fletcher, along with a large group of extended family and friends in LAVO’s main dining room. They sang “Happy Birthday” to the guest of honor and dad Will was even seen showing off some of his goofy on purpose dance moves.

As much of the group made their way up to the nightclub, Trey manned the decks, spinning an EDM set that had the whole club dancing. A live feed of the nightclub action was streamed into the restaurant downstairs so Jaden and Willow could enjoy, though they are under 21. As the clock struck midnight, Will jumped in the booth and got on the mic to wish his son a happy birthday while cryo guns blasted and confetti showered the space. Will shot video from the DJ booth and the crowd cheered when Trey received his cake.Trey Smith, Will Smith

LAVO photo credit: Al Powers/Powers Imagery
Family photo credit: Mishalene Bloom