Happy Bat Mitzvah Paula Abdul

October 29th, 2013

Peter A. Rabinowitz's photoPeter A. Rabinowitz's photo-1A friend of mine ran into Paula Abdul not once, but twice in Israel of all places, at a Humus bar–the street shot–and at Uzi-Eli juice stand, where it looks as if she’s having her palms read. And it appears as if she’s having a sensational time. One always hopes that those inside the bubble in Hollywood have time to escape into the world at large, and here she is REALLY exploring. Kudos Paula. . . She has traveled to Israel to have a Bat Mitzvah at the Western Wall. Yup, her parents are apparently Jewish.
She's following me; ran into her again at The hummus bar; comes with quite a posse

HRH Charlene of Monaco at Ralph Lauren

October 29th, 2013

At the elegant new Ralph Lauren Store on Madison, after their screening of It Takes A Thief at MoMA, I went upstairs and a bodyguard shook my hand. And I immediately knew someone huge was in the room, because I only know the guy from LA. He is THE big honcho there. And he is often with Prince Albert of Monaco here. And I turn my head, and there is Charlene of Monaco, HSH of gorgeousness. I had forgotten that the invite said she might be there. And on the stairs later, which are seriously grand, big white marble sweep with curves, she passed me. She was wearing a silk creamy white pants suit with serious bell. She is one tall drink of Serene Highness. They had the music from the movie piped in. And it really felt like we were on a shoot for It Takes a Thief. Kyle McLachlan was in a tux and could have played Carry Grant. We talked high school reunions, as we are of a similar vintage. Get the impression he hasn’t been back to Yakama. There was much champers and sparkling water. And Ralph himself looked robust. Gayle King, Dylan McDermott, and Chris Noth also in the house. Pretty darned glam. . . Charlene is a doll, by the way, and told me that she has Princess Grace’s old recipes at the country house last time we talked. She is in town for Princess Grace foundation gala on Weds.

Kim Kardashian Rockin Body After Baby

October 27th, 2013

Kim Kardashian Celebrates Her Birthday At Tao Las VegasKim Kardashian Celebrates Her Birthday At Tao Las Vegas If you were keeping up with the Karadashians on Friday, you would have been partying with them at TAO at The Venetian in Las Vegas. I was Kim’s 33rd b-day, but the main event was Kim’s crazy curvy, though slenderized body after baby (Kudos to workout guru Tracy Anderson, who designed the couple’s private gym). Kanye also played a concert that Kris Jenner, sisters Khloe and Kourtney, Scott Disick, Glee’s Naya Rivera, rapper Tyga and his girlfriend Blac Chyna, Jonathan Cheban, Simon Huck and Robin Antin attended.
Later at Tao Nightclub, the select few hundred close friends and onlookers plowed through 33 bottles of Aces of Spades champers. The cake, which reproduced Kim’s 15 carat diamond engagement ring, came from Gimme Some Sugar, and a compas with the initials, NW, for their daughter North West. Think confetti blizzard. Faith Hill, meanwhile commandeered the sky box at the club. Congrats and best b-day wishes, Kim!
Kim Kardashian Celebrates Her Birthday At Tao Las VegasKim Kardashian Celebrates Her Birthday At Tao Las Vegas

Photos: Denise Truscello/Wire Image

Nebraska in Hamptons

October 14th, 2013

Hamptons Film Festival was beyond accommodating to my schedule of dropping son at friends house in Southampton and picking up other son and wife at pumpkin patch. Caught two events. In fact they let me attend Nebraska late. It is in black and white, but filled with colorful characters. One seat left, but there was a coat on seat in balcony. I asked everyone if it was their coat. And they all distinctly said “No.” So I sat on stairs for whole film. Then young woman with long red hair picked up the long blue coat at end of film and carried it away. She had been sitting right next to the coat and had point blank denied it was hers. I must say I did feel like saying, “Gee was your coat comfortable?” I was burning mad, but did nothing. In retrospect I should have immediately mentioned that I would take it to lost and found when they denied ownership. Is all civility dead? Ironically, the film is very sad on the subject of nice people getting screwed, FYI. Payne, who knows the subject intimately, makes Nebraska appear so not fun. Everyone in it is sensational.

Diana Nyad finishing Macy’s Swim

October 10th, 2013

Embedded image permalinkDiana Nyad finishes her 48 hour swim for Sandy victims. Visiting Macy’s three times to watch her swim, really had me invested in this one. I don’t know if any of you have ever stayed up for 48 hours, but I did it in high school once and I was seeing things. Can’t imagine swimming the whole time. Just having water on your skin that long can destroy you. She slathers on something like grease. And she paused to meet every swimmer who swam with her day and night. What a feat! She’s done . . . .

Miley Album Drop

October 9th, 2013

Well as it turns out Miley was downstairs in The General Jazz Room kind of under The General and Finale, entrance two doors away to the South. My friend Jeff Beacher was hosting his Madhouse in honor of her Album drop. Really cute with his whole madhouse crew. Miley looked really sweet in the lavender lingerie getup. There were the Little People, is that the PC term now, and a woman with chest the size of casabas. Beacher looked smart in his tux. He invited me to Vegas for New Years Eve. And I have to ask the wife and kids put that would really be fun. Miley’s crew is young and VERY energetic. And I didn’t stay forever, because it really wasn’t such a big room, and it was just friends and Madhouse crew and moi, really. Lots of balloons, and I picked up a colorful feather on my way out. I’m just going to give that mild overview, because Beacher told me he had to say, “Hey, he’s my friend,” when I asked for him, and he had to vouch for me, writer, but a friend. I really have been there since his start. And you really had to be all in at first. It was like me, Paris Hilton, Jamie McCarthy, the photographer. And like 20 other people who were regulars like 15, 20 years ago. And now Beacher is a sensation. And dapper. An air of success. And he gave Miley one of the most fun, coolest Album drops I’ve ever witnessed. And most of them are loud, but relatively fun-free. This was sweet and cool. And he introduced me to the court Magician, who was beyond amazing. His cigararette bounced and bounded up to his lips. And he had me write on a card, and he put it in a deck and then pulled it out of his mouth. Crazytown!Adam Flowers is his name and he’s very tall and gifted. On his card it says, “Corporate Magician,” kind of great… What a party!!!!

Ryan Lochte and Diana Nyad

October 9th, 2013

"Nyad Swim For Relief" Fundraiser Benefits AmeriCaresRyan Lochte told me that Diana Nyad had given him “new appreciation for swimmming and water.” Don’t get me wrong, he loves swimming, but just the thought of what she has done opened his mind to another realm. He met her today at the lap pool in front of Macy’s where Duracell is having her swim for 48 hours and they are raising money for Sandy victims. I was also invited to swim with her tonight. But I’m not sure I’m going to go. You have to stay with her, can’t go ahead, and apparently better to fall behind. Joe Monganiello (True Blood) went this morning. He’s in a play in Connecticut, “so he could.” And his heart also goes out to Sandy victims, but he didn’t get in the pool like Ryan. Both great guys. And loads of swimmers from all over are coming to swim with Diana–all night. 48 hours in a pool. That blows everyone’s minds. Nice two lane lap pool.

Kris Jenner Wears Timberlands

October 4th, 2013

DownloadedFile-2DownloadedFile-1DownloadedFileKris Jenner wearing Timberland’s Women’s 6-Inch premium waterproof boot in Wheat Nubuck while leaving Topanga Mall September 26, 2013. Oddly enough I saw Jonathan Cheban, Kim’s BFF tonight in NY and a really cool restaurant called B & Co. on East 58th Street. DownloadedFile-3

Violet Affleck Attends Save the Children

October 2nd, 2013

Calvin Klein's First SAVE THE CHILDREN Benefit Gala Violet Affleck attends Save the Children event with Mom and Hillary Clinton at Cipriani 42nd Street tonight. So great of Mom to get her involved at such a young age with such a great charity and to meet yet another great woman. They attended with Jennifer’s parents, but Dad, Ben Affleck, was unable to attend. Sooo cute.

Photo courtesy Patrick McMullan