Sighting Orlando Bloom and Son Flynn

September 26th, 2013

Opening Night of ROMEO AND JULIET
Where art thou Romeo? On Monday, Orlando Boom, The Australian actor, who stars in Romeo & Juliet on Broadway, rolled to Battery Park City to the restaurant Merchants River House with his two-year-old son Flynn, his father and friend. The party of four started outside but moved to an indoor table when it got it became chilly. Bloom drank a River House Mediterranean Margarita followed by an Arnold Palmer, and ate a burger cooked medium rare topped with bacon and avocado, plus a side salad and sweet potato fries.

Katy Perry For Killer Queen

September 25th, 2013

DownloadedFile Katy Perry goes school girl wearing Alic + Olivia at a promo for her fragrance Killer Queen at Douglas perfume store in Berlin, Germany. It is box pleat skirt and Kidman open box front jacket designed by Stacey Bendet.
KATY PERRY WEARS ALICE + OLIVIA BY STACEY BENDET WHILE PROMOTING HER NEW FRAGRANCE. Love the fashion look, not so certain about the Elizabethan coif.

Oracle Team USA wins Americas Cup

September 25th, 2013

DownloadedFile-2-1-e1380148087172-1DownloadedFile-1DownloadedFile-3 TAG Heuer, just sent me a timely update about the USA win in San Fran, one of the greatest comebacks in the history of sailing:
At 4:38pm today,Oracle Team USA crossed the finish line in San Francisco Bay and became the Winner of The 34th America’s Cup in what some say was the biggest comeback in sailing history. In a grueling comeback race that went to a dead tie in Race 19, Oracle Team USA came back from a 8 point trail to beat Emirates Team New Zealand. The team, lead by Skipper Jimmy Spithill, and all members had on TAG Heuer’s custom AC72 digital timepiece – the first high-performance watch made specifically for sailing and able to feed live reading directly from the boat. Technologically programmed by Engineer and Grinder, Gilberto Nobili. The piece is currently custom and not available for commercial use.

“We are extremely proud of every member of this extraordinary crew and every component on this incredible boat,” said Stéphane Linder, TAG Heuer CEO and President, after today’s race in San Francisco Bay. “ORACLE TEAM USA showed amazing drive and guts, overcoming incredible adversity–losing boat one, getting docked two races and having to give up their star wing trimmer, but they kept their nerve . . . plowed on. And they pulled it off.”

TAG Heuer also created an official timepiece for Team USA, the Aquaracer 500M – Limited Edition Oracle Team USA with the custom caseback engraving of the AC72 boat. The collectors timepiece features a regatta countdown, ceramic bezel and automatic helium valve.

My Big Media Moment at Emmy Awards

September 25th, 2013

1235445_10151880421076052_1101156037_nMy big moment on Local ABC 7 in Los Angeles after the Emmy Awards. They asked me what I thought of the fashion. . . and hopefully, I told it like it is. . . long day. Fun ending. Click here, Then click go button. Wait for ad.

The Swimmer, Bel-Air to Westwood

September 22nd, 2013

Emmy weekend. Staying at hotel on edge of Bel-Air. And they rented out pool yesterday for event. Sent me to another hotel to swim laps. And they had rented out their pool. Yeesh. So they drove me to third pool in Westwood, which looked just like the second. Feel like main character in John Cheever’s The Swimmer. When I got back to hotel after fetes yesterday, manager had sent me two bottles of Fiji water and dried fruit and nuts. But oddly, I had time and had enjoyed chatting with my driver, who had been chosen for Olympics in boxing but got injured and couldn’t go. So I didn’t mind the “ordeal.” Saw Julianne Fellowes and his wife at BAFTA tea yesterday, my favorite people on the planet. He said that he had once told a guest he was sorry their dinner hadn’t been so delicious. And he was expecting the guest to go own and on about how wonderful the food had been, but rather said, “Oh, we don’t come for the food.” The Mrs. does her own turbans and has no attendants, even on Emmy weekend. Bringing book to Nick Loeb today that I had told him I would pick up at East Hampton Ladies Village Home Improvement Society about his Dad’s Danish art collection. I flipped through last night to take in the collection, which is breathtaking–his Dad, John, was Ambassador to Denmark . And there are pics of Nick as little boy escorting Queen of Denmark and another of him and his Dad with Ronald Regan in Oval office.

New York City Ballet Triumph

September 20th, 2013

OB-YY284_nycbal_D_20130917124457Benjamin Millepied did a crazy cool ballet tonight called Neverwhere with costumes by Iris Van Herpen at NYC Ballet. Costumes were like black plastic armor that sparkled in light. And Angelin Prelijocaj choreographed Spectral Evidence. Olivier Theyskens did costumes. And he added to the eerie effects. They were sheer loose gowns with shiny blood red shapes on the back as if the flesh had been burned away. The dancers were playing the Salem witches. Otherworldly and great. And then Bronson Van Wyck did hot air balloons with flowers in the baskets hanging over dinner. Amazing! Prabal, who also did costumes, and Olivier dressed SJP. Natalie Portman–back to skinny wore Dior. Will and Jill, his sis, hung very tight with Drew Barrymore, who had lace sleeves. Stunning night of inspiring art. SJP picked Theyskens, so she gets major creds. Everyone was floored by the dancers, the music. Great moment in dance.

Kidman Knocked Down by Paparazzo on Bike

September 13th, 2013

So awful paparazzo on bike lost control and knocked down Nicole Kidman after the Calvin Klein show when she was on her way back to her hotel. Also, VERY not great that the dress also went see through with flash. One thing that Kidman really isn’t a fond of is dresses that go see through with flash. Fashion credit, Calvin Klein. She had been seated next to Rooney Mara at the show. My heart goes out to Kidman. Was a tough day for all of us with the rain, but this was SOOOOO unfortunate. . .rs_560x415-130912134128-1024.nicole-kidman-fall.91213

Rock Royalty Dresses Serene Highness

September 10th, 2013

Princess Charlene of Monaco wore Stella McCartney when she gave out the award at the Masters of Pétanque (form of Boule) on Sept. 6. The beauty of the gown is that it looked beautiful, but not too perfect. That is the sort of noble
cool that McCartney adds. Princess Charlene has a very modern, cool style for a princess. . . Has my vote for best dressed list next year. . . DownloadedFile

Ashley Green Rocks Dr. Scholls

September 4th, 2013

DownloadedFileDownloadedFile-1Ashley Green rocks Dr. Scholls wedges on the set of Wish I was Here.
She’s wearing the blue dress on Aug. 28. And believe it or not, they’re only $69.99.

Not Huge Fan of LIRR

September 3rd, 2013

So scary, got separated from my 12 year old son in crowds on LIRR today. And then he went wrong way on train looking for me. And I ended up having to walk the length of the train to find him, with everyone and their bags in the aisle, I felt like Jody Foster in Flight plan. No one wanted to move their bags to let me through until I explained. And then they kept saying they’d seen him way earlier with skateboard. When I found him after an hour, we had to get out at one stop and run to other end of train to catch up with my 15 year old son. Then we all three had to stand in phone booth sized space for rest of trip. Not a sensational end to summer.