Queen Checks out Jaguar C-X74 Hyrid Supercar

July 29th, 2013

Her Majesty The Queen with Dr. Ralf Speth on the Jaguar Land Rover Pavilion at the Coronation FestivalHer Majesty Queen Elizabeth eyes a Jaguar in the gardens of Buckingham Palace. It was a part of an exhibit showing the relationship of the royal family and Jaguar over the years. And the Jaguar C-X75 Hybrid Supercar Prototype was the big head-turner. The dress is decidedly dowdy, but she looks terrific for her age. This was a part of the 60th anniversary of her coronation. Check out footage of the fab hybrid

Angelina Carries Tom Ford in Toyko

July 29th, 2013

DownloadedFileNice bag, lady. Angelina Jolie sure looked smart carrying the TOM FORD Jennifer Side Zip Tote in Black Calfskin on July 28th in Tokyo. The black pants, top and shades give her a hip Hollywood edge. And the black bag has plenty of room for a mom with a big brood. And yet she looks every bit the movie . . . Tom terrific.

Lady Gaga Tastes Fake blood at Water Mill Center

July 29th, 2013

1004799_10151753491486052_1991403333_n Feel a bit gaga after my marathon weekend in the Hamptons. Saturday was an ironman of a day, ran three miles, swam 1/4 mile butterfly, then shopped SuperSaturday until I nearly dropped. Picked up the Gatsby look at Brooksbrothers. Loving. My wife went 60s psychedelic at Nanette Lepore.
Lady Gaga showed up at Watermill center, see my so-so pic right. She had just tasted the molasses that looked like blood in a white tank that held a naked woman. Marina Abromovich with her here, and Robert Wilson. Apparently, she snapped up a square art object by Marina Abromovich during the live auction–for $60,000. But there was a little speculation that she’d been paid $80,000 to appear. Could be jealous speculation on part of art world types. At Art for life, Russell Simmons event, I was blocked by the parking crew. Told me party was over. Todd English was in same boat. But I just did a runner for the door. A nice guy in golf cart picked me up. And then Jill Zaren got me in. Thank you! (I was supposed to be there, was just late) Maxwell was performing. HE’s really good. And Nobu’s and Harlow’s Richie Notar and his wife gave me a ride in their golf cart back to my car. They are SOOOO nice. Aviva from Housewives was doing an afterfete because she lives nearby–Art for Life took place at farm on water in Water Mill. On Sunday, Jill had brunch with Todd cooking. Jill had a huge blowout with the guy who ran the golf carts at Watermill. She had hired him to park cars and run the golf carts at her house the weekend before. And he threatened her staff when Bobby wanted to cancel him at the last minute. And then he wanted extra money after the event (they did use him). But she paid him what they agreed to, and he tried to get her back at the door by holding her up (to send a cart to pick up Todd and her daughter). She got up in his grill. And he backed down. Where are the Bravo cameras when you need them?

John Mayer and Katy Perry

July 24th, 2013

John Mayer and Katy Perry seem like a far better match than, say, him and Jennifer Aniston. Right? They are seen here leaving the Sunset Tower on July 23. She has on A.L.C. forest green leather Parker dress . . . $1,195.00

Happy Birthday Jennifer

July 24th, 2013

DownloadedFileBirthday gal Jennifer Lopez–44 today!–wearing a Lulue cuffed pant romper by ALICE +OLIVIA by Stacy Bendet out with Casper in East Hampton. He does have cool tats. I am told that she’s really enjoying the new house. His cut off shorts are also cool. Love that they are enjoying my home town on the big day! FYI, those signs tell all traffic to stop when they get off the curb, and there are usually cops also in sunglasses, there to enforce. So all eyes must have been on them. Best wishes. Thrilled that you are finding your bliss…. click on pic to see full image

Cameron Diaz Adjusts In Bahamas

July 23rd, 2013

Hey, we all need to adjust our suits on occasion, but Cameron Diaz sure looks great doing it. Seen here in swimwear by Marie France Van Damme while shooting The Other Woman in the Bahamas. Diaz hits the gorgeous green-blue water with co-stars Leslie Mann and Kate Upton. Click on individual photos to take a closer look (don’t miss Cameron). diaz_m_1769338aCameron Diaz, Kate Upton & Leslie Mann Show Off Their Bikini Bodies As They Splash Around in The Bahamasinfphoto_2614790

Royal Swaddle

July 23rd, 2013

Aden+Anais 100% cotton Muslin swaddle was used by the Duke and Duchess of Cambdirdge when leaving for home with their adorable new bundle — a baby boy and heir to the Brittish throne. They chose an adorable birds pattern, $49.95, from the “Jungle Jam” 4-Pack and added a lightweight blanket. Aden+anais is a company founded by an Australian mum and is now sold by retailers around the globe. DownloadedFileDownloadedFileDownloadedFile-1

Boy at 4:24 P.M.

July 22nd, 2013

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 4.24 today. …”both doing well” Click on pick for closer look at proclamation. . .article-2374032-1AF169DC000005DC-529_964x461

Jennifer Lopez Bday Fete on East End

July 20th, 2013

Just a normal weekend on the East End. Oh, and did I mention that Jennifer Lopez had a fab birthday fete at her new $10 million beach house. A few summers back she stayed with LA Reid and I guess she fell in love with Watermill.
A Bentley Motors brunch took place at $26 million house in Bridge horse country that appeared to be mostly land. Fun to drive through the fields when I got my car back on the way out. Nick Gruber was there, and of course, everyone came up to me to mention that “Calvin’s” ex was texting furiously to hook up with a woman this weekend. Can’t we all just let people follow their, er, heart? Love in the age of texting and tweeting.
Also spotted Marushka Hargitay in Library for the Magic act at Children’s museum this morn. And Nina Garcia at grocery store in East–during the week. Tons and tons of fetes tonight. But I’m most excited about ACRIA and white party at LongHouse, where Ai Wei WEi has his animal heads (based on ones at porcelain palace).
Oh, and a friend came up to me at polo on Sat. and mentioned lots of trucks bringing stuff to Jennifer’s and they had confirmed to a neighbor that it was a fete. Her birthday isn’t until Wednesday, but you try to get everyone together at the beach mid week. Just doesn’t work.
Christie Brinkley did the coin toss at Polo. Wearing Ralph (orange dress). Fifi Water really treated me great at Hilary Duff event at The Estate. She is so sweet and pretty. Really elegant up there, and they made little bags of candy for my kids. LOOOOVED. Makes such a difference when the valets are great, get you in and out, golf cart people really efficient, call for your car ahead. One word, Macaroons! Blueberry and pineapple. Yum. Duff has 15-month old…
And tonight, at ACRIA, Barry the inspired sound guy, it turned out, was also doing Jennifer Lopez fete. Small world. Great choice. Great taste… 440x660 (4)5491974440x660 (7)


Mrs. Carter in Pucci

July 16th, 2013

In the sketch, this Emilio Pucci gown has runway attitude, but somehow, Beyonce transforms the dress into a super young and cute look when she wears the custom white embellished cut-out crop top and mini skirt at The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour Houston show on July 16.DownloadedFileDownloadedFile-1 Image courtesy of Xposure.
And the second dress, also Pucci, looking curvier in real life. Also works.DownloadedFile-2DownloadedFile-3
Peter Dundas, Emilio Pucci Creative Director, worked with Beyoncé to create costumes drawing inspiration from the Fall/Winter 2013-14 Show Collection, reinterpreting the rock goddess theme with fabrics and proportions, which worked with the complexity choreography of the “The Mrs. Carter Show”. “She’s an incredible mix of beauty, artistry and …pure energy,” said Dundas. “Watching her rehearse before our midnight fittings made me want to run home and sketch.”

Photo, above, courtesy Getty.