East End Never Fear, Snooki Will Not Attend

May 30th, 2013

NY Times struck terror in the heart of the Hamptons by suggesting this weekend in a very amusing piece 2013 MTV MOVIE AWARDS RED CARPET ARRIVALSthat the cast of the Jersey Shore might soon appear on a bus as the Jersey Shore has to a large degree been washed away. .. . Not so fast. . . Just had a Very amusing moment with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Turns out her publicist is an old friend of mine and we were all together at a Bridezilla cake eating contest. And I brought up the article in the Times. And she said “Hamptons” are too expensive for her. And her publicist said, “But you could stay at Jeff’s house.” Big smile. I’m already headed for appellate court with Town of East Hampton this summer. .. can you imagine? She and I just looked at each other. “Hey, Fi (my wife), guess who’s coming to dinner . . . .”

Elizabeth Banks at the Palazzo in Vegas

May 30th, 2013

Honey does this hat make me look insane? Elizabeth Banks hung out at the Palazzo hotel in Vegas this weekend with family. She loved seeing all the brides. .. and the canal. But is her smile saying, get the gloved paw off my waist? Photo credit: John Finn / iMaze.comElizabeth Banks celebrates Carnevale at The Palazzo Las Vegas

Flotus in Vintage House of Lavande Belt

May 30th, 2013

Flotus wears House of Lavande Vintage belt to Memorial Day commemorations at Arlington National Cemetery.
Is everyone else out there proud to have such a chic first lady. . .I think that our first lady Michelle Obama gives hope that we can have a new image in this country, as Jackie O’ brought French food and designer clothes to the U.S. Love her. . . DownloadedFile-1DownloadedFile

Anna Paquin Goes Ergobaby

May 30th, 2013

Anna Paquin in Venice Beach on Wednesday with Ergobaby Original Carrier in Galaxy Grey. How cute is the gingham sun hat?
Looks like baby food, not True Blood in her hand. Other celebs who favor Ergobaby. . . .Gisele Bundchen, Hilary Duff, Giuliana Rancic, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman, DownloadedFileDownloadedFile-1Doutzen Kroes, January Jones. And if you’re not a fan of cute kid pics. .. .Ergo F yourself. Just kidding. . . that’s a line from Argo . . .

Smart Shopper Reese Witherspoon wears $32 dress

May 23rd, 2013

Reese Witherspoon played white trash in Mud, currently in theaters, but looked demure in Dita Eyewear, ShoeMint Ja Ja platforms, George Gina & Lucy bag, and WastelandResse Witherspoon get the lookReese Witherspoon in DITA, May 21, 2013 Cher dress.

Dita Eyewear, $350, ShoeMint Ja Ja, $79, George Gina & Lucy bag, $349, Wasteland dress, $32. $1 million smile, $17 million per picture, but not for art house films like Mud.

Kate Stands tall at Buck Palace Garden fete in L.K. Bennett Heels

May 23rd, 2013

Why is it that the most regal dresser of the Royal clan wasn’t born with a title. HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton looked picture perfect in the lemony dress by Emilia Wickstead, a ribbon confection hat by Jane Corbett, and particularly regal in the gray patent leather ‘sledge’ pumps and with matching ‘Avona’ clutch from the L.K. Bennett Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Hosted by her mum in law, Queen Elizabeth II in the garden at Buckingham Palace, an even more appreciated accessory was likely the growing bump that could make even a supremely WASP Royal greatgrandma kvell. SS13_AVONA_CU_GRY_CLAY_PATENTSS13_SLEDGE_CC_GRY_CLAY_PATENT


Katie Holmes Has New Friend In NYC

May 22nd, 2013

Yes, most of us run from squirrels in NYC, fearing the rabid variety. But not new New Yorker Katie Holmes. And to be fair, most squirrels in NYC look a bit sketchier than this Hollywood player. It is likely a trained squirrel as they are on location in Washington Square Park for a film she was shooting. I snapped this shot off the talented Roger Wong’s computer at a film premiere this evening. He shoots for INF Agency. And apparently this was a big photo call. . . 972362_10151613582746052_1068677194_n Sooooo cute!

Breaking Bad Boy Aaron Paul in Vegas

May 20th, 2013

(c) Karl Larson, Powers Imagery(c) Karl Larson, Powers ImageryAt Marquee, a bookishly dressed Aaron Paul and fiancé Lauren Parsekian partied in the Library Room. He rocked a bow tie and Lauren donned a veil in preparation for their wedding next week as they danced and canoodled. The groom’s cake was designed by Aaron to look like the steps in Paris near the Eiffel Tower where he proposed. Sweet. Inscription: “My pretty bird, thank you for loving me.” PDA alert!

And at LAVO, Chloë Moretz pow wowed in dining room with friends. They tucked into the Kobe Meatball, Chicken Parmigiano and other Italian specialties.

Photos: Karl Larson, Powers Imagery

(c) Karl Larson, Powers Imagery

My Faves, Part VIII: Dr. Axel Munthe

May 19th, 2013

My Faves, Part VIII: A series in which I randomly mention things that I love when I happen to find great pics on internet.

Dr. Axel Munthe wrote a book called The Story of San Michele, which happens to have been one of my grandmother’s favorite books back in the day. Dr. Munthe completely lost his eyesight for a time, and then regained it after an operation. And he ended up living, I think at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. In any case, when I was visiting the Royal Libraries in Stockholm, they showed me a copy of The Story of San Michele signed by Munthe, in Swedish, “To the King.” His handwriting was pretty sketchy at that point, and it was apparently not so appropriate to call the King “Kungen.” It ought to have been His Royal Highness, so the Royal librarian thought it was amusing that he was so far gone. I later found a copy at a flea market and it sat on my shelf for some decades. And then maybe six years ago, I finally read it. And it is THE MOST extraordinary story. He was a Swedish psychiatrist and he moved to Paris and was very tall and handsome and all of the society ladies were hiring him to cure their “nerves.” And I think when he’d try to quit, they’d just increase what they were paying him, and he became fairly rich. He also ended up marrying a Brit woman with a title and a few sensational estates of her own in GB. And he built a great house for her in Sweden. And he bought this land in Capri. I’m sure those who visit Capri know this story far better than myself. But I believe the land he snatched up had previously been owned by Emperor Tiberius. And they consequently dug up a gre150px-Anacapri_viewDownloadedFile-2imagescapri-villa-san-michelevilla-san-michele-anacapri-DownloadedFile-1DownloadedFileat number of beautiful ancient statues. And he built a beautiful villa trying to recreate what had once been there. And he also worked to save the birds that migrated to the island. He was friends with Henry James who encouraged him to write his extraordinary stories down. And you just can’t believe how great some are: The Tsar sent 9 rabid men to Paris who had been attacked by wolves. He worked with Pasteur. He also was very close with the King and Queen (Victoria) of Sweden, I think he ended up giving his villa to the state. And the Queen helped him buy up land for his bird sanctuary. It may still be a Swedish study center. I’ve actually never been, but can’t wait to go some day because Munthe lived the most extraordinary life. The book is a treasure. . . here, a few pics from the villa, and of Munthe himself.

Not Judging, ahem . . .Eddie Judge and Tamara at Azure

May 19th, 2013

Eddie Judge Shows Off His ShortsTamra Barney and fiance Eddie JudgeJust say no to Banana Hammocks? Okay, you know how sometimes women’s dresses go see through with the flash. . . I’m just sayin’. Eddie Judge and his bride to be Tamara Barney (Real Housewives of OC) hit Azure at The Palazzo in Vegas and when the flash flashed, I think we got way, way, way too much information. To be fair there may be a shirt stuffed into those shorts as well and/or, a source says, alleged a towel?–yikes. But the rear view is equally horrifying. They meanwhile nibbled on Wolfgang Puck specialties including yummy Margerita Pizza, Portobello Pizza, Chinois Chicken Salad, Grilled Prime Burger. Joining the bachelorette fete were Tamara BFFs Heather and Terry Dubrow from the show and actress and Chelsea Lately comic Heather McDonald. FOR HORRIFYING CLOSEUP [I warned you] click on the photos.

Photos: John Finn /imaze.com