Free Coin Counting at Banks Thing of Past in NYC

April 27th, 2013

images-1Did I miss something? Are coins no longer legal tender? TD bank 3rd and 85th, NYC, now takes 8 percent to count them in machine for non customers.
That message is in relatively small print onscreen. What is that teaching our children who tend to fund raise by collecting coins?  Nearby bank wanted 10 percent to count, or, for fifty dollars, would allow me to join and do it for free. Chase kindly sent my bag of coins to counter and will place full amount in an account have there.  And they were lovely about it.  Not great for PR TD Bank. Kind of all you had going for you were the fun coin counting machines.  And when I refused to accept TD’s 8 percent grab, the woman behind the counter vindictively broke open rolls of coins and poured them into bag to F-me.  Big air kiss goodbye TD Bank.  . . .  XXoos   B. . . BYE.  .!!

Bronx Wentz a Super Kid

April 25th, 2013

1342Bonx Wentz apparently likes Junk food. . . the t-shirts, that is.  He had on a Junk Food at the Gap Superheroes shirt while out shopping with dad, Pete Wentz and his girlfriend Meagan Camper.  Nice sleeve Pete.  Bronx’s T reads, “Be a Super Hero! Tee, $25 at  Dad having hot slinky galapal 1338-1. . . priceless.

Jimmy Falon Fixed My Tie

April 24th, 2013

TIME 100 GALA: TIME'S 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN THE WORLDAt Time 100 dinner, Jimmy Falon came over and fixed my tie. Such a gent. So happy that he is taking over for Leno. And he told us he’ll do from NYC! Said he’s lived here his whole life and wouldn’t consider going to left coast. Usually I’m jealous of success, but Falon is always so cool when we talk to him I am just over the moon that the suits finally picked a winner. . .  Ricky Gervais also had us all in stitches.  And Barbara Walters walked over to me to talk.  And the girl next to me kept trying to ask her a question and I had to introduce them to even get her to turn her head in the poor young woman’s direction. People ask me if I’m bored with going out every night. I actually thoroughly enjoy my little moment with everyone. Dr. Oz and his wife and Tracy Anderson (the trainer) are like old friends.  Oz started doing Anderson’s dances (in black tie) to show her he’s a devotee.  The people around me didn’t know Olivia Munn (Michael Kors date) tonight, so she and I just kept talking and talking and she’s really a doll.  I guess the answer really is that it took so many decades to get to this point, it is just a complete joy. All awards season I could never get a word in with Bryan Cranston on the massive red carpets in Los Angeles. And then tonight, in the company of the Time 100 (Michelle Obama), he was just chatting away. Everyone’s just kind of excited to have been chosen.  The one Catch 22 was that the Secret Service weren’t letting journalists onto 5 where the loo is by elevator.  Said we had to walk down stairs, but we didn’t have that pass, so I had to go down to lobby and ride a different set of elevators to 2 to do number 1.  Small price to pay for GREAT security. . .
At one point I was talking to Ricky Gervais and he was about to say something obscene, and I had to point and whisper that that was Barbara Walters next to him and he should keep it down.  And we were both really laughing.  And she turned and gave him a little smooch on the cheek. GREAT night.

The Turks and Caicos Diet

April 23rd, 2013

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation's 2013 Hot Pink Party 6341332570743750003833562_47_JSlonim_062610  Believe it or not, after years of eating late at night when I write, since December this year, I was able to turn my life around and lose 30 lbs.  Yes, I was up into the mid to high 190s.  And in December, my family and I headed to Turks and Caicos for a ten day vacation.  There was a pool at the resort where we stayed, and I started swimming twenty laps of butterfly in the morning and at night. And I was also getting up and running at least three miles on the beach every morning with my wife.  Food just isn’t cheap on the Island where we were staying. And we were basically sticking to two meals a day.  Except at the top restaurants, the bills at the restaurants were at least twice what they would have cost in New York, and the food was so mediocre–it just didn’t make me want to eat.  Somehow, I was finally able to turn off a switch in my head that had been in the on mode for years. It was as if I had been maintaining my extreme weight by eating an extra cookie or cupcake every afternoon, and then a second meal late at night. So the minute I stopped all of that, and did some exercise the weight began to just fall off.

When I was a bit younger, it had been easy to diet. I could just start eating turkey sandwiches instead of pizza and the gut would just fall right off. But every time I gained it back, it got harder to turn the switch.  And what had worked on the previous diets wasn’t working anymore. The last big diet I followed had been some ten years earlier, around the time that Karl Lagerfeld wrote his book on losing the weight.  He had called me at my desk one afternoon (I was writing a story for GQ about his diet).  And he told me exactly what he ate and how he accomplished his extraordinary weight loss. He has a chef, of course, which makes it easier, but the idea was no sauce, no bread, no potatoes, no cheese, no desert.  Just a little piece of meat, some rice and veggies.  And if you get hungry eat fruit or veggies.  And he indicated that coffee helped and Diet Coke (which is a terrible thing to get someone hooked on).  At that point, I had gotten skinny fairly quickly.  And everyone was wowed with my weight loss.  But I had had some stressful freelance work for some years after that.  And I would come home after a night on the town and eat a second meal.  And I was basically stuffing myself.  Ice cream on the streets.  A cookie late at night.  And again the next afternoon.

But after the very, very happy trip to Turks & Caicos; the whole family just loved the place, I jumped on a scale and found out I’d lost 10 pounds without really trying.  So I started doing a lap running around the Jackie O’ reservoir in Central park each Saturday and Sunday.  And then, in earnest, I hit the Lagerfeld food restraints.  No cookies, no deserts, no bread, no pasta, no cheese, no sauce.  Just a bit of meat and some rice.  And I get up late, so it would only be two meals a day, and then fruit late at night if I was starving.  A big ice coffee twice a day did seem to dull my appetite.

Lagerfeld had told me he built a ballroom and had everyone in his office ball room dancing at first. Well, my poor man’s version of that was to simply do laps at the reservoir.  It is 2.5 miles from my house with the loop around the water.  And I would usually end up sprinting during the final leg of the loop.  It is inspiring to see the skyline while you run and think that Jackie O’ used to walk up there every day.  And during Oscar season I travel to LA every few weeks, and I began staying at a quiet hotel near the Getty Museum, where it was fairly chilly most of the time and I had the pool to myself to do butterfly.  There were no restaurants near the hotel that I knew about at that time. And again, room service was ridiculously expensive. So I would spend most of the day living on ice coffee and a small package of granola.  I would eat dinner out.  And then I would bring back fruit and coffee from a 7/11 for the next day every night after my last party.  Swimming twenty laps of butterfly twice a day was about all I could do every day.  I could barely make it to all my fetes and write up what I had seen for my various outlets.  But I started to feel really great.  By Oscar week, I was down at least 20 pounds, and the slow fall continued.  At home, it helps to watch the scale in the morning.  While I had started at 195, possibly as high as 198, at the moment, so many months later, I’ve been hovering as low as 162.  In Boston, when my wife was running the marathon (she ran it so fast we completely missed the bombing (phew!). The pool at the hotel was so long, I was practically drowning at first, but I was ripping through the laps by the end of our stay.  Butterfly has definitely helped turn my physique around.  And when I can’t swim, I still run.

Maintaining the lower weight isn’t easy at all.  I really have to watch myself. And I’m practically starving late at night some times.  But I try to only cheat with healthy foods.  The trick really is that a bowl of lentil soup starts to taste beyond delicious. Better than any cookie ever tasted before I started.  One starts to love the taste and feel of healthier foods.  I don’t drink much, by the way; never did.  And that obviously helps.  I also found a health food restaurant near my office where I can stop by for a bit of rice and meat and veggies at night.  They asked me if I was a theater person the other day, because I, “keep theater hours.”  I sort of loved that.  I’d love to name a book, “Theater Hours.” It is sort of the story of my life, as the fetes that I go to every night, three tonight, tend to include a bit of drama. Tonight it was the premiere of Before Midnight (Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, then the Sloan Kettering Spring Gala at Metropolitan Museum (old school society charity), and then Dom Perignon gave a big dinner at Milk Studios (can’t lie, I cheated at that event, and I should run in the morn to run it off).  And I had to hold out to the end before they brought out the 1998 Rose.  So that was a bit of a stumbling block.  Maintaining the lower weight, 163.5 this morn,  is far more work than I could ever have expected at the start. But it is great to hear. . . “You look so much younger.”  The biggest compliment I got was when a society lady circled me at the New Yorkers for Children Spring Dance at the Mandarin Oriental.  She was inspecting for more than just a diet.  She was taking a good hard look at the sides of my face for surgery, “Are you sure you didn’t do anything else?” And that really made me feel great.

There were a few things that made me able to switch the switch in my head to stop pigging out.  One, I remember talking to Matthew McConaughey in mid- December about his diet when he had recently played a man suffering from AIDS in a film. And he lost soooo much weight.  I thought, if he can do all of that, perhaps I can drop a few extra lbs. Also, my kids were calling me “Fat Man!”  Mean, but effective.  My wife was concerned. And, of course, heart issues are a big fear at a certain age.  I would get winded after walking up stairs.  I look big in the before photo here, but I wasn’t super massive.  Maybe a size 38 waist at my top weight.  But I still tend to have relatively skinny arms and legs.

But now my skinny suits are fitting again.  I have a lot more energy.  I don’t feel like I’m going to die after sprinting a bit.  Oh, and we really thought I was getting sleep apnea at my top weight.  So now I sleep far better.  I actually think I could lose a bit more. .. but it sure isn’t easy.  162.5 is as low as I’ve gotten and it isn’t easy to even stay at that weight.  I have to try hard.  If I pig out on one meal, the scale starts heading up a bit the next day.

Don’t know if this would apply to anyone else, but our trip to Turks and Caicos, a set of islands with heavenly blue, blue water and crazy expensive restaurants (remember I’m feeding a family of four) really set me on an unexpected and welcome track. Had Patrick McMullan take the after pic the other night at The Hot Pink party for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation at the Waldorf.  I believe the before is from last summer, and again, I didn’t look quite so horrifying in every pic even back then. . . .

Name Mud, Reese Witherspoon Reappears at Premiere After Arrest

April 22nd, 2013

Children's Defense Fund 22nd Annual Beat The Odds AwardsAfter arrest on Friday, Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth did stop by Moma for the debut of her film Mud on Sunday night (didn’t talk to press). Haven’t hit Fiji water-fueled afterfete as yet.  Instead, they went out to dinner with Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey. At Moma, Toth and Witherspoon stopped for photos before film started, McCconaughey and Witherspoon did intro before film ran and then ducked out. . . Toth was picked up for suspected DUI and Witherspoon for interfering with arrest on Friday.  Brave of them to drop by premiere, not so brave to avoid all press besides photogs at the event.  Skipping afterfete not the usual protocol. . . McConaughey and Alves did pop by. . .

Tiffany Blue Book Ball

April 19th, 2013

Tiffany & Co. celebrates its Blue Book Ball at Rockefeller Center in New York CityTiffany & Co. Celebrates its Blue Book Ball at Rockefeller Center in New York CityWhat an insantely lavish night. Tiffany took over the skating rink in Rockefeller Center–tented it–and did full deco setting inside for 400 top customers in world. And Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Williams, Kate Hudson, Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker attended in bigtime Blue Book bling Had twenties dancers, singer who played trumpet, women on swings (dressed like Mae West). Lobster, filet, chocolate, macaroons, towers of Moet, and all in the biggest, most lavish Deco environs. They built the furniture for the evening (full on Deco). Deco rug, 50 foot curtains all the way around the skating rink. Beyond grand. Even the top NY security guys said they had never ever seen anything like it. It was like stepping into the 20s. And populated like a small family wedding in a giant tent. Amy Fine Collins and I were kind of just floored. And you didn’t know any of these people, but they buy more jewelry than anyone else on earth, and had flown in from all corners of the globe. I sat with really great Russian women who told me about antique shopping in India and what wonderful old Brit furniture can be found. Honestly, just the most most most elegantly put together fete I’ve ever seen. Crazy beautiful. And all the glamor gals were being sooooo nice. .. . just charmed us (scribes) beyond words SJP, Gywneth (who looked prettier than any model), Kate Hudson remembered talking to me from the night before and it was like we were old friends. We were all just WOWED!!!!!! All twenties music. Old school big 20s champagne glasses. Baz Lerman and his wife, director and costume designer for Gatsby, were also so much fun (they used Tiffany in the film exclusively–some vintage some recreated. He said Fitzgerald and Zelda had been customers and that Tom Buchanan would totally have shopped Tiffany.  Also heard that Tiffany Ad in Times we’re all so used to has been running for 100 years!); and Baz claimed that I was well dressed which made my year (vintage Adolfo tux, thank you. . . ). ip0iuapp5dghMegan Hilty from Smash sang Diamonds are a Girls best friend. . . .natch.

Vanity Fair Film Fest Fete

April 17th, 2013

l69ttc-3Vanity Fair Tribeca film fest fete. I actually took this pic on my way out to Mandarin Oriental for Kips Bay Presidents Dinner (every bigtime interior designer). At VF, Robert Deniro, his amazing daughter Drena (with her buddy Rachel Roy who dressed her), Whoopi Goldberg who has a doc in competition, Carolina Herrera, Donna Karan, Tory Burch, Ron Perelman, Wendy Deng (Murdoch). Drew Nieporent showed me a pic from when he ran NY Marathon in just over 4 hours like 30 years ago (boy was he in great shape). Commissioner Kelly. Evan Rachel Wood. They do cocktails out on the big pillared porch out front. And it was pretty chilly, but very glam. And then move inside for dinner–Thomas Keller cooked with seriously large crew. Yum.

Escape from Boston

April 15th, 2013

48ovdt4vli-2 l2ubf-1n0wde[1]On train on way out of Boston.  Crazy  day.  Was tweeting pics from Marathon of my wife running.  Soldiers running in full gear. Female soldier.  And then I ran over to finish to meet my wife.  My last pic was of the family meeting area near finish, about 15 20 minutes before incident. Someone near me estimated that we were in throng of 1 million. Biblical crowd, in any case.  It was third time I have gone to meet her.  And we were a lot more efficient this time, found each other quickly.  Hurried  to subway to get her warm.  We had changed from orange line to green.  She started at 10:20 a.m. and finished in 3:37 a great time. And in station, announcement to clear station immediately.   I saw a guard ready to help big guy in wheelchair. And when she said she’d carry him up.  I knew it was emergency.  Young girl already had news of bombs.  We were only  about one stop away from finish. But it wasn’t easy to make way up stairs.  Sound on loudspeaker was insistent about getting out.  And we did.  Grabbed cab; very lucky.  And made it to hotel near MIT on river. Other runners said they had just missed it.  Someone told us that that they had heard blast.  We got messages out to love ones before phones went down.  Hotel was lovely, offered to make calls for us when cells were out. People looked battle shocked.  Hotel filled with runners from all over world.

We grabbed cab before the crush and made it to train.  On train back from Boston now.  At Park Station police dog swept train.  Woman runner my

wife knows said she was just turning corner onto Bolston when bombs went off. Just feel a bit shaky.  Heart goes out to those hurt or injured and to the families of those lost.  Just can’t imagine the chaos of so many thousands of people racing toward site of devastation.  Can’t imagine that feeling of not knowing what had happened if I hadn’t found my wife so quickly.  Calls and emails from so many well wishers.  We’re totally fine.

Katie Perry at Lacoste L!ve Desert Pool Party

April 14th, 2013

LACOSTE L!VE Desert Pool Party In Celebration Of Coachella - Day 1

Katie Perry on Day 1 of the LACOSTE L!VE Desert Pool Party at a private estate in Thermal, California. Wow is Perry a fashion original!  If she’s not on the ballot for Vanity Fair best dressed, I’m writing her in.  She was wearing Dolce & Gabbana.  A short walk from the polo fields,  party-goers were invited to participate in the world’s largest polo art installation by shooting paint-covered tennis balls at LACOSTE’s “Polo Gigante.”  Also had table tennis and bocce and guests could cool down with Patron popsicles and FIJIWater Snow Cones. Also in the house, Chris Pine, AnnaSophia Robb, Alessandra Ambrosio. and Brad Goreski.


Rumor Willis and Ryan Kwanten Outdressed by Camel

April 13th, 2013

Best dressed in Palm Springs at the Camelvalley Pool Party (at Hard Rock Music Lounge) on Friday? Jessica Lowndes with Camel at Hard Rock Music Lounge in Palm Springs - Day 1Ryan Kwanten signing Barefoot Refresh surfboard at Hard Rock Music Lounge in Palm Springs - Day 1Rumor Willis and Jayson Blair at Barfoot Refresh Poolside Lounge at Hard Rock Music Lounge in Palm Springs - Day 1Not Rumer Willis and beau Jason Blair (sporty, but casual), Not Ryan Kwanten surf kid chic (seen here with Barefoot Refresh surfboard donated to Surfrider Foundation to keep beaches sandal free friendly), or Jessica Lowndes, but rather Lulu the camel.  Digging the hippie headgear.   Meanwhile, Rumor shopped Carlo Pazolini shoes while Blair had a salad from Corzo Cocina (the Corzo Tequila kitchen), Ryan signed the surfboard, “toes on the nose.”  Bella Thorne shopped the Missguided suite and Lowndes hit the Clearasil Braid bar.  Photos Johnny Nunez and Lisa Rose/Lisa Rose photography