Team Zarin Wins

December 31st, 2012

DownloadedFileEvery year I do a Holiday card contest, best design, most elaborate, best travel pic. .. and for 2013 the Zarin family in Times Square beats all . . . . Go team Jill!

Kelly Rowland Sells Short

December 31st, 2012

Move over Anne Hathaway, Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland goes seriously short onstage at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. Can’t see it in these picks, but she also hit N9NE Steakhouse. Fortunately, she changed into this getup from skin tight leather pants, because getting out of a limo in a dress like that would be courting disaster–Yoo-Hoo hoo hoo!

Photos courtesy: Eric KabikKelly Rowland finale at Rain in Palms Casino Resort credit Erik KabikKelly Rowland on stage at Rain in Palms Casino Resort credit Erik Kabik

Where in the World are Jolie Pitts?

December 25th, 2012

images[5]Original post: Christmas Morn, Provinciales, TCI:  Had read that the Jolie Pitts would be traveling the globe this vacation. But I’m not so sure. At lunch on a small island three away from Parrot Cay this morn, a woman said she’d heard from a local that they were in town with two nannies per child. Count ‘em, 12 nannies! The island I was on is where the Victoria Secret gals go to dip in the electric blue water for lensmen. And it was crazy gorgeous on Christmas morn. And with so very many nannies, Turks and Caicos would even allow for a private ceremony if one wanted to get hitched. All total conjecture. The original source was heresay, completely second hand. But Parrot Cay, where they were said to be staying, is a very quiet, celeb-friendly island with houses owned by Bruce Willis, Donna Karan, Keith Richards and only a hand full of others. The closer you get to it, the more crazy beautiful the area gets. If true, sensational choice for the holidays. . . Again, very questionable source and I haven’t found a word online as yet.

[UPDATE]:  My nanny info was picked up by NUMEROUS sites, but again, was very second hand and others now report that I was right, Pitt Jolie and a rather extended clan apparently borrowed Donna Karan’s house on Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos Islands.  Onlookers could perhaps have mistaken relatives for Nannies, so I will not stand by my source, who, again was just a local who had heard they had been spotted with 12 nannies.  But I do believe I was about four days early with the sighting of them in TCI!  FYI, it is beyond gorgeous down there.  Just returned to grey, grey, grey NYC . . .  UGH!

Dream evening. .. at Playing for Keeps Debut

December 6th, 2012

Felt VERY glam tonight. Attended Cinema Society event for film Playing for Keeps. Just left Rooftop Lounge at Dream where Justin T and Jessica Biel were in back booth. She did a fashion change from the theater to the party. Gerard Butler had a booth with someone who looked as if he had a family resemblance. He was superb as an ex soccer star in the film.
Last time I saw him play soccer was for real in Montauk. And he went down hard and the game stopped and everyone gasped, because it was his day off and he was doing a film with Jennifer Aniston at the time. Breaking your leg is probably something studios frown on. . . (but he was fine)
When I left the party tonight, I got off elevator on the wrong floor and had to walk out of the bowels of the Maritime hotel through what looks like a garage–I think the back door of kitchen is there. I passed Peter Davis, who was on his way in. And then at the corner, Padma Lakshmi called to me from her car and kindly offered to send me home with her driver, as she was just getting to the party.
What a doll; made my night!imageN_25

Brolin for Dollars

December 5th, 2012

Last night at Promised Land afterfete, this really pretty, nice (drunk) blonde girl started telling me she thought I was Josh Brolin at first. Then she then introduced me to Matt Damon and told him. I was mortified, but he said, “No, I see it, he could play you.” I may live off that one for the rest of my life. I happen to really like Josh Brolin; one time we were talking at Wallstreet II premiere in NY, and what was left of breath mint flew out of my mouth and landed on his shoe. And we kind of bonded as neither of us could stop laughing. And he came up and gave me a bro hug on the carpet at the Oscars that year.6344834904934850008238278_9_JSlonim_0805116345626092714112502039260_47_JBrolin_110511-41