US Open, Federer’s Celebrity Following

August 28th, 2012

Last night at the US open it very much felt like being at the coliseum in Ancient Rome, with celebs having replaced the aristocracy. Anna Wintour, Federer’s biggest fan was center court next to David Dinkins. Stanley Tucci, Meryl’s right hand man in The Devil Wears Prada took the front right corner of the same large and central box with his new wife, the sister of Streep’s first assistant in that film. And Alec Baldwin and Hilaria were holding court in the front left corner of the USTA President’s box.

In the next box a few rows up, were Michael Phelps mom and three attractive blondes, at least one was MP’s sis.

And when the Federer match appeared to be not terribly exciting, three quarters of the way through, Wintour removed her glasses and walked up to the glass box, presumably to leave. It was as if everyone was then allowed to think, well, if Wintour, Federer’s biggest fan can leave, we, too, can split. And I for one did. I was already 11 pm.
Thank you Heineken, who seated us in an elegant box with beer on tap.

No one does thumbs up, or thumbs down, to execute the vanquished player, but believe me most eyes in the stadium were glued to both the players and the celebs in the stands. And Zac Braff, with his reed thing model gal pal, in yet another Heineken box, even had some face time on the big screens. . . all very dramatic. Federer really is a superb player, but the attention from above does heighten the interest factor. . .

Ryan Lochte Worshipped at Tao Vegas Worship Thurs

August 17th, 2012

Heroes Welcome. We may not be worthy, but 2012 Olympic Swimming Gold medalist Ryan Lochte definitely is.  He and teammate Cullen Jones chowed down at Tao Asian Bistro and then joined in the antics Worhip Thursdays at Tao Vegas where cheering waitresses donned skimpy flag costumes.

Oh, say can you see. Yup. . .

Kate Beckinsale, can you top this H&M top?

August 17th, 2012

DownloadedFile-1Top of the morning to Kate Beckinsale who wore this peachy H&M top in Ireland yesterday. And, yes, we know, she looks demure in the Peggy Guggenheim shades. But, I’m telling you she kicks rear end in Total Recall. Beyond fierce!
I love that Gary, her smooth rep also so happens to look like a movie star. Very nice guy by the way . . . one kid who should stay in the picture.

Adam Ant versus Michael Jackson

August 17th, 2012

Okay, French soldiers at Waterloo may have had that look first, but New Romantic Adam Ant apparently sported the ye olde military style before Michael Jackson. DownloadedFile Ant, by the way, will soon be touring the U.S. for the first time in 17 years–this after successful Aussie and UK tours. The American gigs begin Sept 13 and run through late October. FYI, Jackson and Ant were buddies. Apparently, the first time Jackson phoned Ant, he thought it was a practical joke and hung up. Quincy Jones ended up having to call back to intervene. They both performed on NBC’s Motown 25 Special. And, I am told it was Jackson’s film “This Is it” that inspired Ant to go public again.
Ant will drop a new album in December. At one point, believe it or not, he had 8 singles in the top 40.

Cameron Diaz, Edie Falco and Aida Turturro in Hamptons

August 6th, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, Cameron Diaz lunched at Bostwick’s Chowder House (277 Pantigo Road, East Hampton NY 11937 631-324-1111) with three friends. The group split an order of New England clam chowder and steamers. And for her main course, Diaz ordered a lobster roll and tucked into a few bites of her fellow diner’s fish n’ chips.

And t6347211345316576561240961_33_WHAT1_20120508__SDG_013 2he Sopranos may ended. But TV family is family, and Aida Turturro and Edie Falco are still . . . like family. Aida, Edie and Edie’s kids hit the toystore at the Gosman’s shopping area in Montauk on Sunday. And it was, sadly, one of the bigger celeb outings on the East End this weekend. Bridget Moynahan did stop by the Ross Lower School earlier that day for the Annual Wild Wild West Carnival. Also spotted Veronica Webb at Southampton Hospital gala where a crasher crashed to the ground and had to be taken by ambulance about two blocks to the hospital.
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