Mark-Paul Gosselar Bride Sparkles in Neil Lane

July 30th, 2012

6344351593581000005737828_15_MPGosselaarFamily_061211_091 2Saved by the baguettes . . . Mark-Paul Gosselar, of Saved by the Bell Fame,  splashed out on this 4.5 cushion cut diamond ring set in platinum for his bride.  And he didn’t just put any old ring on it before walking the aisle on July 29. This serious sparkler was hand made and designed and signed by Neil Lane.  Gosselar is also known for his roles on NYPD Blue and, presently, Franklin & Bash.  Catiriona McGinn, his hot blonde bride works in advertising, and is now a walking ad for Lane. . .


Raymond Carver and Lena Dunham

July 21st, 2012

6347058151048450003540738_10_SUPP1_AAT_20120420_036Picked up a book of Raymond Carver short stories. He died in 89, but a master simple writing that really gets to the heart of who we all still are. Yikes! The story where they’re taking care of their neighbor’s house and go through all their stuff . . . Also watched Tiny Furniture last night, finally. Lena Dunham, too has a great eye for how people really are, albeit mainly hip moochers. Of course, I really, really love Dunham, because when I met her at the premiere of Girls, she said, Oh, I always wanted to be on the back page of Allure.  And she went all out answering my questions, so I could get her on there. Reminded me of the time, years ago, when Liv Tyler turned to Stella McCartney and said, “Oh, everyone sounds like an idiot on that page we have to do it!”

The Case of The Bouncing Key

July 21st, 2012

6347169859715962505940912_17_OCEA1_20120503_OMH_061Last night  at Hamptons Players Club, I took the door key off my chain, because it is a vintage Wagoneer and the valets always try to use my door key in the ignition and it looked ready to break. After chatting with Veronica Webb, Hamptons covergal, I went to get my car, dropped my key, we all heard it bounce once, bing! And gone. Flashlights, on my knees. Nothing. Well, if you’re not Facebook friends with Daily News Gatecrasher scribe Douglas Marshall who was ahead of me in line, you will now learn that I just got his note. When Marshall took off his shoe at the end of the night, my key fell out. It had bounced once and then jumped into Marshall’s shoe. What are the chances?

Zach Galifianakis First Customer at Gant Rugger

July 19th, 2012

Zach Galifianakis is first customer at Gant Rugger Shop in Los Angeles. And apparently he wore a Gant shirt to Comic-con, recently. It was a
kind of Nantucket red button, possibly Oxford cloth button down. Michael Bastian did some pants for Gant that I saw at the last show, in black watch, that match a jacket I have and I’m waiting until Fall to snap them up at the store in village. . . Kind of sick really, I think about picking up the pants every time I see the word Gant. Well, now we’ll likely see the dollar, framed when we hit the Gant Rugger . . . just remember you saw it first here. Unless, they sell it on e-bay. . .in which case, I want that, too.image001

Louis Vuitton in Shanghai

July 19th, 2012

LV_Shanghai_maison_smallShanghai express. . . big day in China. . . opening of the first Louis Vuitton Maison in Shanghai at Plaza 66, left. And Thursday, July 19, 2012, iconic Louis Vuitton express train, arrives at famous Bund in Shanghai after long journey from Paris. Big shout out to Marc Jacobs.  What a chic way to bring it . . .

Liam Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner share shades

July 18th, 2012

If you happen to dig the “gravel” tone shades that Liam Hemsworth is wearing on my home page, they are Joe’s Marvin Henley. Apparently, just $79. . . Jeremy Renner seen here, has a pair in Hyde (black)–seen here at LAX.  Hemsworth also has them in Midnight, FYI. . . So they’re both clearly Joe’s devotees . . . DownloadedFile-2

Queen of Versailles

July 18th, 2012

Just saw Queen of Versailles, documentary about couple in Florida who went broke while building largest house in America. Quite depressing, but great cautionary tale if you are big spender or thinking of taking out a loan. She came to premiere and seemed to be bonding with Kathy Hilton. Was Peggy Siegal’s birthday tonight and she flew in from France for the premiere. Austin Hearst was there, sort of funny because his grandfather was William Randolf Hearst and the couple in the film collect antiques as if they are W.R.Hearst, but at a very low grade quality level.  . .

Dennis Quaid and Kim in Bora Bora

July 17th, 2012

The Presidential suite on stilts in the water at the Bora Bora Hilton Nui Resort and Spa is beyond comprehension. $5,000 per night and well worth itDennis Quaid 2.  Don’t think anyone needs a shrink on this couch.  Quaid takes a load off. . .

Ne Yo Hosts George Lucas and Paula Abdul

July 15th, 2012

DownloadedFile-3Went to Ne Yo’s Compound Foundation fete on Further Lane in East Hampton last night. George Lucas was honored. And Ne-Yo’s mom MCd a bit. Lucas gave a shout out to black moms. “I know, because I married one six years ago,” he said. Paula Abdul had a table. And Bo Dietel auctioned off his table at Rao’s, two people snapped it up for $11,000 each. Arsenio Hall also in the house. And he got Jason Kidd to donate $4,000 to foster care kids before his unfortunate accident that night–he later lost control of his car and it entered woods in Water Mill, NY.  The house, by the way, was the CEO of Sprint’s. Big newish spread with amazing gardens. Lucas told me he’s founding a museum of illustration. . . more in Arch Digest column online soon. ..

George and Hilly

July 14th, 2012

Just read George and Hilly. Wow, so well written! Bravo Gurley. He makes the lost generation sounds like complete lightweights. Even just the vocabulary . . . shades of William F. Buckley. The dysfunction he describes seems impossible, as they are both so kind and warm and lovely when I run into them (now infrequently), mainly in daylight hours.

Except of course, always in the back of my mind, I can’t discount that one time I dropped him (or was it both of them) off at his lovely, lovely mothers house one time in East Hampton after taking George on a tour of East End clubs. And George was so hammered that he neglected to shut the back door of my vintage diesel four door, so I ended up driving through town with a door wide open and easily could have killed someone.

I had always sort of wondered what went on when everyone headed off to Siberia at 3 a.m. and I went back to the office. YIKES! And Hilary is so great at what she does (PR at a seriously important jewelry company) their extreme lifestyle seems implausible. But so frightening and great to read this haute prep love story in a bottle. A triumph.

The jacket nod by Tom Wolfe, “A pleasure to read” is an enormous understatement; it is a rare peak behind the curtain of two beloved NY characters. We all have demons and issues, but George bared his and Hilary’s to the great benefit of all who struggle with drink, finances, shopping addiction and romance in NYC.images