Heidi Klum Lost Luggage Found

April 26th, 2012

Answered Prayers.

Yesterday, Heidi Klum flew into New York on a red eye and the airline lost her luggage. I mean,  isn’t there a VIP lounge for Heidi Klum’s luggage?  If not, there should be.  She flew in to unveil sexy new watches to WILDLIFE by Heidi Klum for QVC on Wednesday–Michael Kors got her the getup as she had no bags.
And tonight, Thurs April 26, I ran into Klum at the DKMS Gala honoring her and Alejandro Santo Domingo at Cipriani Wallstreet.  She looked sensational, as always. And I asked about the bags. And Klum told me that they had in fact been found. Phew! Although, really wouldn’t a lost bag simply inspire a whole show on Project Runway!  Make it work. . . make Heidi a new wardrobe out of these plane blankets and air sick bags.

Florence Welch wears Tadashi in Vegas

April 23rd, 2012

I went to college with an Aunt of Florence of Florence and The Machine. So I met her when she was just a kid. Always lovely. And I’m the godfather of her twin nieces, although they’re currently traveling around the world.
Her grandfather had the most beautiful estate that was an island off of Glenn Cove. And I used to stay there a lot in the 1980s. And her Uncle is John Stockwell, who directed the Blue Crush films. The whole family are just the most lovely people. All very good looking and charming. And Florence is beyond talented. This weekend Florence enjoyed a little fete after her concert in Vegas at Marquee Boombox in the Cosmopolitan hotel. She’s in the midst of a 15 city US tour sponsored by MSN. She had on the most beautiful gown by Tadashi Shoji. And was thisclose all night with beau James Nesbitt and rocking it on the dance floor with her buddy Blood Orange, the singer who opened for her. And then it was back on the tourbus for her second Cochella performance. Meanwhile, I’m getting reports from her Aunt and nieces from India and Myranmar. Whole family hard driving, in the most delightful manner. If I forgot to vote for Florence for Vanity Fair best dressed list this year, it was a huge oversight!

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Shen Yun

April 23rd, 2012

You’ve seen posters for Shen Yun all over Manhattan. And my older son saw one and dragged the whole family to the David Koch Theater at Lincoln Center to see this expat Chinese dance review with some opera. The ticket price in the first balcony was $120, which, of course, rivals a Broadway show.
But what isn’t in the posters is that Shen Yun is this rabidly anti-communist dance troop born out of Tiananmen Square Massacre. The dancing is old school, a little like a cross between Chinese Opera and drill team. But when they do the actual opera, there are words on the screen and are pretty overtly pro Dafa. It is like one of those pastoral vintage Russian propaganda posters, but anti-communist. Had we dragged the kids there, they would have hated us forever. But the reverse was true, and we saved the afternoon by stopping for Bar Boulud’s Moroccan sausage sandwiches across the street. Spicy yum!
Shen Yun has six six similar troops traveling the globe. But, hey, I’m also not a fan of Riverdance–or Lord of the Leather Pants, as we used to call Michael Flatley . . . .

Angelina Leg Pose

April 21st, 2012

My pal Anne Marie Guarnieri at Allure asked me about the Angelina Jolie leg pose the other day.  I was actually right there, too, when she did it at the Oscars, come to think of it  At the time, I just thought Angelina looked fabu-sensational. I mean that dress was magic on her. But Anne-Marie asked me if I thought it had become a trend, where everybody had to stick that leg out now. And, man did she write a funny piece with a little research I did last night.  Asked the paps about the leg thing and slits. And apparently the lensmen now all beg stars to do the Angelina. Was laughing for hours about the possible slit-inspired titles with lens people, who sadly, I tend to see for more hours a day than my family.
Do the Angelina!
Heeeeeey Angelina

Brava A-M G! SOOOO Funny. …

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Thomas Keller Cooks at VF fete

April 18th, 2012

Drew Nieporent told me he was watching the video below on way to Vanity Fair party tonight in Tribeca. Thomas Keller cooked. This after Keller was touted at Pebble Beach this weekend. Drew is in the video. And on Drew’s way up the stairs he did the we’re not worthy hand thing to Keller. And at the top of the stairs of the courthouse in Tribeca where the VF dinner took place to kick off the Tribeca film fest, Keller threw his hands up in the air to Drew ,who with DeNiro, pretty much put Tribeca on the map–Tribeca Grill, Nobu. The Keller tribute is very meaningful. . . And what a big few days for the great American Chef. Pebble Beach, by the way, is about as picturesque as it gets.

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Salmon Run In Vegas with Nichole Richie

April 2nd, 2012

Salmon Running in Vegas

The Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor feature  ”Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” is featuring prominently in arty theaters at the  moment, but we also spotted salmon running in yet another desert oasis over  the weekend.

Sunday, Nicole Richie  did a girls’ night out at the at XS Nightclub in Vegas. Her gal-tourage of five hit the Wynn Las Vegas venue to rock out to the tunes of the DJ duo Manufactured  Superstars. They commandeered the owner’s table before hopping up onstage to get ogled by the spring breakers.

Richie  wore  a  salmon blazer with black piping. Yum.