New York City Ballet Triumph

September 20th, 2013

OB-YY284_nycbal_D_20130917124457Benjamin Millepied did a crazy cool ballet tonight called Neverwhere with costumes by Iris Van Herpen at NYC Ballet. Costumes were like black plastic armor that sparkled in light. And Angelin Prelijocaj choreographed Spectral Evidence. Olivier Theyskens did costumes. And he added to the eerie effects. They were sheer loose gowns with shiny blood red shapes on the back as if the flesh had been burned away. The dancers were playing the Salem witches. Otherworldly and great. And then Bronson Van Wyck did hot air balloons with flowers in the baskets hanging over dinner. Amazing! Prabal, who also did costumes, and Olivier dressed SJP. Natalie Portman–back to skinny wore Dior. Will and Jill, his sis, hung very tight with Drew Barrymore, who had lace sleeves. Stunning night of inspiring art. SJP picked Theyskens, so she gets major creds. Everyone was floored by the dancers, the music. Great moment in dance.