Jennifer Lopez Bday Fete on East End

July 20th, 2013

Just a normal weekend on the East End. Oh, and did I mention that Jennifer Lopez had a fab birthday fete at her new $10 million beach house. A few summers back she stayed with LA Reid and I guess she fell in love with Watermill.
A Bentley Motors brunch took place at $26 million house in Bridge horse country that appeared to be mostly land. Fun to drive through the fields when I got my car back on the way out. Nick Gruber was there, and of course, everyone came up to me to mention that “Calvin’s” ex was texting furiously to hook up with a woman this weekend. Can’t we all just let people follow their, er, heart? Love in the age of texting and tweeting.
Also spotted Marushka Hargitay in Library for the Magic act at Children’s museum this morn. And Nina Garcia at grocery store in East–during the week. Tons and tons of fetes tonight. But I’m most excited about ACRIA and white party at LongHouse, where Ai Wei WEi has his animal heads (based on ones at porcelain palace).
Oh, and a friend came up to me at polo on Sat. and mentioned lots of trucks bringing stuff to Jennifer’s and they had confirmed to a neighbor that it was a fete. Her birthday isn’t until Wednesday, but you try to get everyone together at the beach mid week. Just doesn’t work.
Christie Brinkley did the coin toss at Polo. Wearing Ralph (orange dress). Fifi Water really treated me great at Hilary Duff event at The Estate. She is so sweet and pretty. Really elegant up there, and they made little bags of candy for my kids. LOOOOVED. Makes such a difference when the valets are great, get you in and out, golf cart people really efficient, call for your car ahead. One word, Macaroons! Blueberry and pineapple. Yum. Duff has 15-month old…
And tonight, at ACRIA, Barry the inspired sound guy, it turned out, was also doing Jennifer Lopez fete. Small world. Great choice. Great taste… 440x660 (4)5491974440x660 (7)