Loved This Is The End

June 11th, 2013

DownloadedFileSo glad I went to “This Is The End” tonight. AMAZING!!!!!!!! The co-author Evan Goldberg told me that he and Seth Rogen had two ideas, one, end of world idea, two, celebs playing themselves. And they threw them together. And it is just oddly successful. Fun, smart, interesting, weird, MIND BLOWING. You kind of won’t believe it. And Seth was being really nice and talked to everybody. And Evan was saying to Ed Norton after that he kept looking back to see what he thought. Hello–it is just insanely great! A bunch of celeb bros try to ride out the end of the world at James Franco’s house. F-ing nuts. . . They were saying they had to pick celebs that would do ANYTHING without getting weird. And they SURE DO!