CFDA Crazy Starry

June 4th, 2013

2013 CFDA Fashion AwardsMonday’s CFDA was superbly starry. And everyone was so nice. Ashley Olsen kindly answered one more question than her handler had suggested she should. Nicole Richie was really sweet. Sophia Vergara gave me crazy open and fun answers. Lindsay Vonn ended up telling me a story that had us all in stitches. One thing I can’t even print. Talked to Rooney Mara, Kerry Washington, Jessica Chastain, and just about every designer you can think of. But my big moment, was completely random. We were on the way to the green room and we took the wrong path twice and then, we were very nicely asked to just freeze and stand against the wall. And then this group came through, really tony, and, yup, that was Hillary Rodham Clinton and Oscar De la Renta headed to the stage. Big moment. And she looks great, the hair beautifully honey blonde highlights, big chunky earrings, two tier danglers, lovely Oscar kind of dress with pants. On stage she said he came up to her years ago and said, she was wearing him, and asked her to take a spin. And that they became really close and she’s visited him in Dominican and seen his orphanage where she says that he does work just and important and beautiful as his fashion. He has accomplished so much and yet seemed to really appreciate being in a room with all the young talent, and said that they made New York Fashion capital of world. Ralph Lauren gave Vera Wang lifetime achievement award and he had on jeans and double breasted tux jacket, and I’m thinking, why don’t I try to dress cooler like him. . . and he’s no spring chicken. Just a great, great night. Supermodels galore. Linda Evangelista, Carlie Kloss. . . Amazing night. So lucky to join. .. Andy Cohen said he was back stage with Hilary and Oscar and Diane and Diane kept telling everyone how nervous he was. And he claims he wasn’t that nervous. But they all kept telling him how dead the room is. And it is true. Jokes that aren’t hip enough just die in that room. ..
But he was prepared. Said that he was going to wear Beyonce nipple dress that The Blondes created and Diane strongly frowned on that idea. So he didn’t. And I think she was soo right. Can you imagine if DVF was telling all these really important people you were nervous. Sooooo funny. . Great, great night. And the passed food at the after thing was insanely good. . . and then everyone was off to Top of Standard afterfete. ..