Meet The Millers is Hysterical!!!!!!!!!

August 2nd, 2013


My sister Amy was in town and Marla Weinstein was SUPER sweet and let me bring her to Meet The Millers. Amy is has her PHD in nutritional biochemistry and was in town for a meeting and while this was QUITE out of her realm. She loved it! She snapped some great phone shots while waiting for me on the red carpet. Always lovely to have an outsider’s perspective. We both thought the film was one of the funniest we have ever seen. Has more big laughs than almost any anything ever. . . and everyone was really nice to her. AJ Calloway told her Amy was his grandmother’s name (his wife is due VERY SOON), she and George Whipple discussed Hawaii where we grew up for a bit and his farm foundation for early American farm animals. Really meant a lot to me that Marla was so nice. Never did enough for my parents when they were mobile enough to enjoy. . . took my mother to one screening. Theopholus North, because it is was based on the Thornton Wilder book about Newport, Rhode Island where she was then living.
Also really sweet to see Justin Thoreaux and Jenifer Aniston together.
She seems to really adore him. Just refreshing not to view them through all the tabloid garbage, but just as a cool couple. She’s in this sexy ballgown, and he has on a leather jacket and she’s rubbing his shoulder and back–has her arm around him. Was really excited when they caught up with each other near the popcorn station. “Justin, I’m over here. . .” And she is soooo funny and gorgeous in this film.
Photos: Courtesy Amy Slonim

Ferrell and Farrell!

May 19th, 2013

376904_10151607625191052_1229277246_n Dennis Van Tine’s superb photo of Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig on the set of Anchorman 2. He showed me and I thought to shoot his camera, and was shocked that the image of his image turned out. Dennis is an extraordinary photographer. When I was at the post I learned his name, because his photos were always the really great shots. Also spotted Paul Rudd today as I happened to pass the set of Anchorman 2 at 55th And 6th. I had been covering the Epic premiere with Colin Farrell, Amanda Seifried, and Jason Sudekis. Sudeikis kidded that he could finally put on his resume that he was involved in a project with Beyonce (she wasn’t at Ziegfeld).
Farrell and Farrell! In the afternoon, on my way to the play Matilda with the kids, we noticed 5 or six seventies cars on Park Avenue. My taxi driver asked what a Checker was, as there were several old cabs. They were clearly all extras for Anchorman 2, as they were also dressed in 70s garb. What a huge production!