Free Coin Counting at Banks Thing of Past in NYC

April 27th, 2013

images-1Did I miss something? Are coins no longer legal tender? TD bank 3rd and 85th, NYC, now takes 8 percent to count them in machine for non customers.
That message is in relatively small print onscreen. What is that teaching our children who tend to fund raise by collecting coins?  Nearby bank wanted 10 percent to count, or, for fifty dollars, would allow me to join and do it for free. Chase kindly sent my bag of coins to counter and will place full amount in an account have there.  And they were lovely about it.  Not great for PR TD Bank. Kind of all you had going for you were the fun coin counting machines.  And when I refused to accept TD’s 8 percent grab, the woman behind the counter vindictively broke open rolls of coins and poured them into bag to F-me.  Big air kiss goodbye TD Bank.  . . .  XXoos   B. . . BYE.  .!!