Jimmy Falon Fixed My Tie

April 24th, 2013

TIME 100 GALA: TIME'S 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN THE WORLDAt Time 100 dinner, Jimmy Falon came over and fixed my tie. Such a gent. So happy that he is taking over for Leno. And he told us he’ll do from NYC! Said he’s lived here his whole life and wouldn’t consider going to left coast. Usually I’m jealous of success, but Falon is always so cool when we talk to him I am just over the moon that the suits finally picked a winner. . .  Ricky Gervais also had us all in stitches.  And Barbara Walters walked over to me to talk.  And the girl next to me kept trying to ask her a question and I had to introduce them to even get her to turn her head in the poor young woman’s direction. People ask me if I’m bored with going out every night. I actually thoroughly enjoy my little moment with everyone. Dr. Oz and his wife and Tracy Anderson (the trainer) are like old friends.  Oz started doing Anderson’s dances (in black tie) to show her he’s a devotee.  The people around me didn’t know Olivia Munn (Michael Kors date) tonight, so she and I just kept talking and talking and she’s really a doll.  I guess the answer really is that it took so many decades to get to this point, it is just a complete joy. All awards season I could never get a word in with Bryan Cranston on the massive red carpets in Los Angeles. And then tonight, in the company of the Time 100 (Michelle Obama), he was just chatting away. Everyone’s just kind of excited to have been chosen.  The one Catch 22 was that the Secret Service weren’t letting journalists onto 5 where the loo is by elevator.  Said we had to walk down stairs, but we didn’t have that pass, so I had to go down to lobby and ride a different set of elevators to 2 to do number 1.  Small price to pay for GREAT security. . .
At one point I was talking to Ricky Gervais and he was about to say something obscene, and I had to point and whisper that that was Barbara Walters next to him and he should keep it down.  And we were both really laughing.  And she turned and gave him a little smooch on the cheek. GREAT night.