Escape from Boston

April 15th, 2013

48ovdt4vli-2 l2ubf-1n0wde[1]On train on way out of Boston.  Crazy  day.  Was tweeting pics from Marathon of my wife running.  Soldiers running in full gear. Female soldier.  And then I ran over to finish to meet my wife.  My last pic was of the family meeting area near finish, about 15 20 minutes before incident. Someone near me estimated that we were in throng of 1 million. Biblical crowd, in any case.  It was third time I have gone to meet her.  And we were a lot more efficient this time, found each other quickly.  Hurried  to subway to get her warm.  We had changed from orange line to green.  She started at 10:20 a.m. and finished in 3:37 a great time. And in station, announcement to clear station immediately.   I saw a guard ready to help big guy in wheelchair. And when she said she’d carry him up.  I knew it was emergency.  Young girl already had news of bombs.  We were only  about one stop away from finish. But it wasn’t easy to make way up stairs.  Sound on loudspeaker was insistent about getting out.  And we did.  Grabbed cab; very lucky.  And made it to hotel near MIT on river. Other runners said they had just missed it.  Someone told us that that they had heard blast.  We got messages out to love ones before phones went down.  Hotel was lovely, offered to make calls for us when cells were out. People looked battle shocked.  Hotel filled with runners from all over world.

We grabbed cab before the crush and made it to train.  On train back from Boston now.  At Park Station police dog swept train.  Woman runner my

wife knows said she was just turning corner onto Bolston when bombs went off. Just feel a bit shaky.  Heart goes out to those hurt or injured and to the families of those lost.  Just can’t imagine the chaos of so many thousands of people racing toward site of devastation.  Can’t imagine that feeling of not knowing what had happened if I hadn’t found my wife so quickly.  Calls and emails from so many well wishers.  We’re totally fine.