Woody Allen and Soon-Yi stroll Park Avenue

April 5th, 2013

WAllenSYPrevin_051806_1Sighting:  Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn looking happy strolling on Park Avenue late this afternoon.  She had on a leg brace.  Ouch.  But looked as if she’s on road to recovery. I know they aren’t the most PC pairing (understatement), but he is just super nice in person when I’ve met him.  Just like stepping into one of his movies; very open and warm and funny–like your favorite relative (and when compared to most stars, that may make him one of a kind)  My biggest out of body experience was when they first got together, the garden apartment next to ours was up for rent and I woke up one morning and stepped out the front door only to see the two of them standing their taking a good look at the building. Now Madonna lives across the street. And FYI, the town house next to her is up for sale. . . My guess, the $17 million range. . But I could be way off. . Double townhouse on left side (bankers), triple or quadruple (M) on right. For the right price you could be in the middle of that tony sandwich. . .  By the way, you know who else is Woody Allen nice and funny. . . .Jimmy Fallon. . . And I was sooo pleased to hear the recent news. . .

Example: Last year at the Met, Jimmy answered a few questions, and then there was a back up on the carpet and he was waiting for a camera interview, and he turned back to me and my journalist buddies and said, Okay, lets go, bring it, and we all asked tons more questions and he was hilarious.  Just a really generous gesture.  And at the Emmy’s he stopped on carpet to shake my hand and say, “Hey, buddy. . . “  Now I feel like I know what it would have been like to know Carson (a bit, anyway).