Tap Gun Tom Cruise in Dublin

April 5th, 2013

DownloadedFileTap lesson?  On Wednesday, Tap Gun Tom Cruise proves he still has it, quick to the draw at the Guinness Storehouse at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin.  He was there during  a world tour for his film Oblivion, presently playing in Ireland.  Here he touches up on pouring the perfect pint of Guinness with Master Brewer Fergal Murray.  Oddly enough, I passed the brewery, an endless compound in Dublin, early Monday, on my way back to the states. Honestly, was floored by how big it was, as I’ve met a few Guinness family members over the years.  Flew out of Dublin Airport.  Every serious town in Ireland seems to have some sort of distillery or brewery, but Guinness is even way bigger than the Scientology compound in LA (which is saying a lot, actually).