Shaq Attacks Bucatini Carbonara

March 20th, 2013

Dateline Ft. Lauderdale: Shaquille O’Neal’s table at Cafe Martorano basically ordered the left side of the menu. . . fried chicken, Philly cheese steak, bucatini carbonara, veal Sinatra, and red velvet cake. Meanwhile Olympic eater Michael Phelps and famed electro-house music spinner DJ Steve Aoiki (table for 15!) downed shrimp scampi, Linguine and clams, NY strip streak, and chocolate cake. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte also recently hit the big boite. Both Shaq and Phelps tried the popular meatball recipe of owner Steve Martorano (he’s in the group shot). I must be the last to notice Shaq’s sleeve–that’s a lot of tat!Steve Aoki, Steve Martorano, Michael Phelps and Shaq at Cafe Martorano