Capriati Has Company

March 10th, 2013

Something sounded fishy when Jennifer Capriati–a sweetheart in person–was recently accused of stalking and beating a former beau. And, as it turns out, her ex’s ex, had the same experience, where he tried to have her arrested for smacking him. H’mm. So I thought I’d include a statement from her ex’s ex that was brought to my attention. Christine Corley (who is the ex fiancée to Ivan Brannan recently noted in an interview that Brannan when they were in a relationship in Miami Beach in 2010 he made similar accusations about her.
“He is doing to Jennifer Capriati what he did to me,” noted Corley, who has a three-year-old child with the 28-year-old Brannan. When Corley read about Capriati’s situation, “it made me feel like I’m not crazy . . . This man is just a master manipulator who goes from woman to woman to get some money, or drugs or access to the best parties in town. He’d disappear for months at a time and come back when he needed more money.”I have no doubt he is with Jennifer for her money, and when he is done with her, he tries to get rid of her by any means he can find. Including by getting police involved. He accused me several times of beating him, but no charges were ever filed because police knew if was not true.”
So when we’re jumping to conclusions about Capriati’s guilt or innocence, perhaps we and the Palm Beach PD ought to consider this possible dejavu. Capriati is definitely a fighter, but not the violent type. . .