Miranda Cosgrove Swims with Dolphins

May 17th, 2014

nBXNBwNM1-APY9zfRN_4uKCi2M8bOlEVcfk8MpohphA=w284-h207-p-no3WebbV6790iruS22DHHIrhgdcQtpZxyKZniAjCmDTqE=w170-h228-p-noOcean Activists gathered in Santa Monica, CA on Friday evening, May 16th, at the 2nd Annual Nautica Oceana Beach House party. Oceana Board Member Ted Danson welcomed guests and introducing Oceana champions and celebrity co-hosts Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly and Despicable Me) and Austin Nichols (The Day After Tomorrow, Showtime’s Ray Donovan, CW’s One Tree Hill). The hosts spoke about their work with the organization and urged others to get involved. Austin Nichols shared fun factoids about sharks “You’re way more likely to get struck by lightning than be attacked by a shark. You’re more likely to be killed by a jellyfish. My favorite is, you’re more likely to be killed by a vending machine than killed by a shark!”
“I got the chance to swim with a pod of wild Atlantic spotted dolphins” mentioned Cosgrove. “They swam right next to me.”
Recording artist and Nickelodeon star Drake Bell performed songs off his new album, Ready Steady Go! The evening was concluded by a live set from DJ Connor Cruise.Xo4Vow7dpPcMEDMxZbfwur3Vll-RvtfWiUX96Z5AK-M=w142-h202-p-nofwwYGp7B6a7GRyerK2WnY5ctp4UUVwqx_AKmddPRv7o=w139-h202-p-noScreen Shot 2014-05-17 at 2.52.38 PM44bMaMgxxF8nBqePuR9aXb3NiwfC4CcOHsU3HLODmZI=w231-h184-p-no

Cannes: Calvin Klein Starry Pool Soiree

May 17th, 2014

The Independent Filmmaker Project, Calvin Klein Collection and euphoria Calvin Klein Honor Women in Independent Film at the 65th Festival de Cannes Hosted by Francisco Costa, Women’s Creative Director, Calvin Klein Collection, and Joana Vicente, ExecutDateline Private Villa Cannes. IFP, Calvin Klein Collection, Euphoria Calvin Klein celebrated women in film at 67th Canne Film Festival on May 15. In the house, Naomi Watts, Julianne Moore, Rooney Mara, Adrien Grenier calvin-klein-celebrate-women-in-film-cannes-051514-mara+watts+nyongo+moore_ph_BFAnycJulianne Moore, Naomi Watts, Rooney Mara, Lupita Nyong'oScreen Shot 2014-05-17 at 1.34.01 PMLupita Nyong'o, Francisco Costacalvin-klein-celebrate-women-in-film-cannes-051514-costa+moore_ph_BFAnyc

Photos: © 2014 BFAnyc.com

Thank You Moms!

May 12th, 2014

Yup on Mother’s day, celebs are just like us, posting fab pics of them with moms.10271580_10152298291601749_814659432427151176_nShall we start with Potus, The President of the United States, who posted this fab shot of him with Flotus, The First Lady. Scene right out of a film. 10325345_10154121190700613_6190208976764359610_nAnd, on Facebook, Kim with North West. She looks like Elizabeth Taylor, no joke. 10291097_696732167051347_8487335629646797764_nAdding in Charlize with her mom, also posted on Facebook for mothers day. At the Oscars, of course. What better tribute to a mom than to bring her with you to the Oscars. 10262090_10152606291138888_5381715921240756977_nAnd that’s Justin Bieber kissing his mom. Doesn’t really get any sweeter. 10301302_10152424264333234_7916807528743607528_nBritney Spears hugging it out with her mom! Justin Timberlake mothersday facebookJustin Timberlake posted this pic of himself. Slice of his mom in the background. Crazy cute. And, last, but definitely not least, Miley Cyrus and Mom. Super adorable…10325404_10152454052172147_7226092116615560955_n

JWoww B-day at Drunken Monkey

February 24th, 2014

142J Woww and, ahem, 100 Farleyclose friends celebrated her birthday at VH1 star Big Ang’s bar in Staten Island, NY Friday
“Drunken Monkey” in Staten Island. Reality stars came out from all over to support star of MTV’s Snooki & J Woww star, Jenni Farley. 131

Everyone from cast members of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Jersey Shore to Mob Wives celebrated the 5 month pregnant star who looked healthy and happy.141

Jenni offered, “I wanted to do my party here last year but we couldn’t make it happen.” Yup, she’s a big fan of “Big Ang”

All attendees upon arrival got a Shutterball and were shown how to use device to take top notch selfies! 1763935

Now that’s hot: SAAS Hot Sauce also sponsored of the event. Guests left with a goody bag filled with Saas Hot Sauce, which Jenni is digging more now while preggers, Soul Ku necklaces, Australian Gold Tanning creams, J Wowws very own line of skin care, Bootie Babe nail polish, Sweet Loren cookies, Astro Twins Love Zodiac Book and an item from Sister-Bliss Extreme Aromatherapy. Don’t carry more than 12 pounds Ms. Farley. . .

Photos: Amy Pinard Photography

Wet Kiss to those who helped me slog through slush of Fashion Week

February 14th, 2014

I’d like to thank a few people who helped make my fashion week really great this time around. It can be tough to slog through the slush. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff who really did me a huge solid. What a sweetheart. Miro, a top pro who ran the concierge service and helped me get where I was going at tents more than once, and always asked if I was okay. What a gent to have on your side. Alison Brod’s team at the Mercedes-Benz lounge, which was beyond elegant this year. Fab tiny burgers, lovely little mini chocolate croissants in the morn. A bartender at Diamond Horseshoe who made me fab juice drinks after I complimented the flavor of their juices (which it turned out are in fact special). Leslie Sloan Zelnik and all the many publicists who were so generous to me. Katie Holmes who asked me to sit down with her when we chatted. Little things like that mean a lot. Mao who gave me fab seat at The Blonds. La Force and Stevens who continually gave me fab seats. James. Leslie. True pals. All the guards at the tents, many of whom I’ve known since year one in the tents in Bryant park. My new friend Carson at US who is so cheery, she always makes me smile. Bonnie Fuller, who was a lot of fun to sit next to at Red Dress collection. Sarah Rafferty who remembered meeting me at The Chateau Marmont a few weeks earlier. Doll. Stacy at Alice + Olivia who did such inspired vignettes this season on a crazy icy night. Rachna, who is my savior every year. . . Coco Rocha and her husband who are just real people, fun, normal. Chuck Garelick who is a true friend. Oh did I mention Alicia at Fiji OMG, saved my rear end. . LOVE!!! Tommy Hilfiger for the trip to the slopes on his runway. Marc Jacobs who always takes it up a crazy notch and makes you feel as if you’re in the presence of true inspiration. . . The Blonds for injecting fun. Blake Lively who just has such personality and is so gorgeous, at Kors, it’s a delight to spend just a minute or so every so often with her. What a lucky guy Ryan Reynolds is. Oh, and Anna Kendrick. I had never really chatted with her so much before this week. And can I just say, she is one of the funniest people …really, the truth is, I’ve only met like twenty people that funny. . . like nearly Ricky Gervais, Robin Williams, Jimmy Fallon amusing…and to Donna Karan and Patty, happy 30th. You make fashion feel like family. . . stellar show…

Charlize Turns Sean Penn Anti-Gun

January 12th, 2014

Last night, Sean Penn & Friends HELP HAITI HOME Gala & Fundraiser was an exceedingly special night. It benefitte his J/P Haitian Relief Organization and was presented by Giorgio Armani (Sponsored by NRG Energy). Armani kind of doesn’t miss with events. So you kind of knew it was going to be extraordinary ahead of time. And it so was. In fact, they raised $6 Million.
But am I the very last to realize that Sean Penn an Charlize Theron are an item? He was talking about his South African woman who talked him into getting rid of his guns (which he gave away for Koons sculpture tonight at his fundraiser for his Haiti charityalg-sean-penn-haiti-jpg[1]) She obviously had sad history in her family with a gun. And the guns use for sculpture to be made by Koons for Anderson Cooper (he bought it for 1.4 million) will include Penn’s late brother’s guns. He said he’d lost workers for his charity in Haiti to gun violence. But that his South African woman finally talked him into realizing the evil of guns. And then I saw him leaving the fete and leading Charlize by the hand. And I’m like Oh… finally got it. He’s really very intense person, like his character in Walter Mitty. Was an eye opener to see him up close like that. And he got a room full of people to open their hearts and wallets for Haiti in a way I’ve never really seen at any charity. And then, as promised, he offered up private concert U2. Julia Roberts, Emma Thompson who used the F word, Gwyneth and Chris Martin, just a very WOW group. Kevin Bacon an Kyra. And Sean worked the room, really hugging people taking PHOTOS with donors. Super on and charming.1536468_10152146243336052_1567741999_n[1] And Chris Martin bought a Banksy of a heart with band aids on it (significant?). He an Gwyneth seemed really close. He ha his arm around her, an they rocked out to U2. He spent $650k on the piece. Michael Douglas, Wynona Rider, and Usher Also attended. And Usher, too, was being super nice to fans.. The lapels of his tux had colorful space scene on them. Emma Thompson said F-ked onstage. And that apparently blew Anderson cooper’s mind. He mentioned that on the mike. She had a hat on from org, an flowy white shirt. And she went onstage at one point and tried to take mic from Penn, when he was rambling. But then he got coherent an told great story about U2. A friends pregnant wife died on United flight that went down. And Penn mentioned that to Bono in conversation. And that she loved one particular song by U2. Four years later Penn brought that friend to concert. And Bono, without asking or reminding about the name, played the song as encore that night and said, “This one is for Lauren.” He said everyone has stories about Bono like that…So glad Thompson wasn’t successful getting the mic…

Twilight at Sandals

January 8th, 2014

Don’t know if they were wearing sandals, but Twilight star Ashley Greene and her beau Paul Khoury are seen here getting their feet wet at Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island in Nassau, Bahamas on January 5. Sexy coverup that she has on…Unknown-1UnknownClick on pic for closer look.


Zindzi Mandela at NY Premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

November 15th, 2013

Exciting to meet Zindzi Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s daughter tonight at the NYC premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. She had been to the White House recently for yet another screening. The director told me that some people try to use the White House screenings to promote their films, but Obama had asked to see this one. Zindzi Mandela is super lovely and warm and open. They said she was done done done talking to everyone. Then she walked right up to me and chatted for what felt like ages. Just feels so historic. Like meeting one of Lincoln’s children. Likely, long walk to Oscar this season with this group. . . she said it was tough for her to see it in the White House and go through all the personal emotions the film brought up for her, in “public” like that.

Backstage at Victoria Secret with Taylor Swift, The Afterfete, and Gaga

November 14th, 2013

Big day. Backstage at Victoria Secret show in the afternoon. The gals are all running around in silk robes. Then I stopped at the premiere of Charlie Countryman. Evan Rachel Wood is really nice, and I stayed for the first half of the film. And it was so great. Wild party scene where Shia LaBouf drops acid (for real). The movie was about to get super violent, and I had to run anyway, which was perfect. Went to afterfete for Victoria Secret at Tao Downtown (where Leo had his birthday last week). Really great. Talked to nearly every last one of them. They are all soooo beautiful, and nice. They really had fun with Taylor Swift onstage at the show. Taylor had to run off to London–a drag, because Karlie Kloss and the gals loved her and really wanted to hang with her more. They were all backstage together at the show. The party was perfection. They played the show on big screens and all the models were right there in the crowd. The show is actually better on a screen, rather than sitting there while they change the sets. And at one point there was a crush. People just poured into the room. But for once, it wasn’t like being on the subway and being crushed together with people. They were all supermodels. And some were making out with guys, and it didn’t seem to bother them at all that we were suddenly packed in like sardines. Just kept making out. Just the most beautiful people all in a big crush. You just couldn’t move. Seriously, the only time I didn’t mind ever, being crowded like that. And it only lasted a few minutes. And then it was just totally back to being a normal room with lots of delicious food. I saw Noah Tepperberg, who owns the place, and I mentioned that he is killing it at Tao Downtown. Because seriously, between Leo’s birthday last weekend and VS after fete, he has REALLY come a long way since the days he owned a small Kareoke bar on a corner. I mean that was fun, too, but this is BIG Time. And the place has a lot of homey touches, and it is spacious. It is as if he brought gracious Vegas entertaining to Manhattan. Big score!
Oh, and then back at my office, Gaga was playing at the H&M on our corner. No kidding. And there were thousands of people watching at the new H&M which opened at midnight tonight. And I had to show Police my badge that I work you know where, next door, and they were like fine, and our office door was right next to red carpet. This has happened to me in LA before during award season, where all of a sudden it is as if the whole world has a red carpet–and there are like miles of check points and metal fencing and road blocks and armies of security, and you’re like, What is going on. It is like a bad dream of the future.

Jessica Alba in Transmission

November 12th, 2013

2522 Gentlemen, revv your engines, Jessica Alba wears pic of Keith Richards on t-shirt from Transmission. Available at Fred Segal And Alba apparently wore yet another Transmission t-shirt the day before. Vroom, vroom.
Is it me, or is she doing his look, a bit, with the glasses and the big hair?