Valentines Day with Miley Cyrus (At Marc Jacobs)

February 15th, 2013

6349648534287150001843303_42_MJFW_20130214_CMS_019Miley Cyrus made my Valentines day. . . so lovely after Marc Jacobs show. Her handler had me walk with her to backstage after show and she just lit up about one of my questions. . . a delight. And what a show! There was a light that was about 30 feet across that was like a sun of yellow light that made everything in the room go black and white for half the show. In this instance, AW was soooo lucky to have the dark shades. Very cool look, mammoth round stage with amphitheater built up around it. Super dramatic music. And all those models with dirty punky black shags. Very intense scene backstage all afternoon. What a production. . . also spotted Sofia Coppola and Christina Ricci.

Smooch from Ashlee Simpson Made My Day

February 8th, 2013

My day job this week, shows every hour on the hour until Thurs next week. . Me with Angela Simmons, the Reverend Run’s lovely daughter. Today at Richard Chai, Ashlee Simpson gave me a smooch on the cheek, which was really sweet of her. And it turned out that Christina Ricci and I collect the same thing . . . (more on that when it is published). Bono came out in the front of house at Edun . . very supportive. Also had a very nice chat with Tadashi Shoji backstage. He is just a very cool man, his inspiration was the fall of the Tsars, but he was imagining a princess escaping to Siberia, which was a great, great look.
This photo is by Charles Eshelman, who is always really nice when I see him, and apparently a gifted photog. .. he really captured Angela’s bright personality in the photo.Jeffrey Slonim