Thank You Moms!

May 12th, 2014

Yup on Mother’s day, celebs are just like us, posting fab pics of them with moms.10271580_10152298291601749_814659432427151176_nShall we start with Potus, The President of the United States, who posted this fab shot of him with Flotus, The First Lady. Scene right out of a film. 10325345_10154121190700613_6190208976764359610_nAnd, on Facebook, Kim with North West. She looks like Elizabeth Taylor, no joke. 10291097_696732167051347_8487335629646797764_nAdding in Charlize with her mom, also posted on Facebook for mothers day. At the Oscars, of course. What better tribute to a mom than to bring her with you to the Oscars. 10262090_10152606291138888_5381715921240756977_nAnd that’s Justin Bieber kissing his mom. Doesn’t really get any sweeter. 10301302_10152424264333234_7916807528743607528_nBritney Spears hugging it out with her mom! Justin Timberlake mothersday facebookJustin Timberlake posted this pic of himself. Slice of his mom in the background. Crazy cute. And, last, but definitely not least, Miley Cyrus and Mom. Super adorable…10325404_10152454052172147_7226092116615560955_n

Happy B-Day Leo

November 11th, 2013

LeonardoDiCaprio_100104Yah, a lot of people say they are 39, but now, Leonardo DiCaprio actually is 39 and counting.
He celebrated turning 39 on Sunday, November 10th at TAO Downtown in New York. He invited 100 of her nearest and dearest and shut down the club. AFter Dinner, Kanye West and 2 Chainz performed a full concert. Oh, and in case, you think his friends were just Danny A and some of the boys, ah, er, we spotted Martin Scorsese, Orlando Bloom, Benecio DelToro, A-Rod, Derek Jeter, Tobey Maguire, Busta Rhymes and West to be, Kim Kardashian. Exhausted yet (and it is just Sunday). When the lights came on at 4 am, the room was still packed. No presents please, just donations. DiCaprio managed to Hoover in 3 million dollars for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, an organization dedicated to creating harmony between humanity and the natural world. FYI, DiCaprio also attended the Tao Downtown grand opening in October.

Kim Kardashian Rockin Body After Baby

October 27th, 2013

Kim Kardashian Celebrates Her Birthday At Tao Las VegasKim Kardashian Celebrates Her Birthday At Tao Las Vegas If you were keeping up with the Karadashians on Friday, you would have been partying with them at TAO at The Venetian in Las Vegas. I was Kim’s 33rd b-day, but the main event was Kim’s crazy curvy, though slenderized body after baby (Kudos to workout guru Tracy Anderson, who designed the couple’s private gym). Kanye also played a concert that Kris Jenner, sisters Khloe and Kourtney, Scott Disick, Glee’s Naya Rivera, rapper Tyga and his girlfriend Blac Chyna, Jonathan Cheban, Simon Huck and Robin Antin attended.
Later at Tao Nightclub, the select few hundred close friends and onlookers plowed through 33 bottles of Aces of Spades champers. The cake, which reproduced Kim’s 15 carat diamond engagement ring, came from Gimme Some Sugar, and a compas with the initials, NW, for their daughter North West. Think confetti blizzard. Faith Hill, meanwhile commandeered the sky box at the club. Congrats and best b-day wishes, Kim!
Kim Kardashian Celebrates Her Birthday At Tao Las VegasKim Kardashian Celebrates Her Birthday At Tao Las Vegas

Photos: Denise Truscello/Wire Image

Kris Jenner Wears Timberlands

October 4th, 2013

DownloadedFile-2DownloadedFile-1DownloadedFileKris Jenner wearing Timberland’s Women’s 6-Inch premium waterproof boot in Wheat Nubuck while leaving Topanga Mall September 26, 2013. Oddly enough I saw Jonathan Cheban, Kim’s BFF tonight in NY and a really cool restaurant called B & Co. on East 58th Street. DownloadedFile-3

Jonathan Cheban’s Mom Is A Delight

July 5th, 2013

kim-kardashian-jonathan-cheban-house-warming-1-492x656[1]Just got back from Jonathan Cheban fete at 75 Main in Southampton. Oh, you know, he’s Kim Kardashian’s BFF from reality TV. And I was floored. He constantly talks about his mom. And he even took Kim to go see her in New Jersey when she was first dating Kris who was playing basketball out there. I’ve known the guy more than 15 years. Of course, I’ve never watched the show, maybe his mom is on. But I’m expecting this old bag. And his mom is this seriously hot blonde woman. She was wearing a Chanel dress and crazy high heels in a bright color. Looked soooooo great. And she was really sweet. She said the thing she was most proud about Jonathan is that is such a devoted son. And he had brought her out to Hamptons for 4th of July, which is her birthday. They have very similar features. Such a treat to meet her. .. (This pic doesn’t do her justice. She was total hottie)