The Rexmere: Famed Society Hotel in Catskills Burns

May 11th, 2014

gilboa-school-trip-1024x496Richard Johnson wrote a story on 9th about something my brother and I have been attempting to sit on for some weeks. Hunt was in contract to buy the famed Rexmere hotel in the Catskills. imagesAnd Fi, my wife, and I would have been allowed to use apartments as a ski getaway; it was twenty minutes from the slopes. Hunt had yet to close and a week before he did, very unexpectedly the hotel burned to the ground. Hunt is devastated, because the whole idea was to make it his life’s work to restore this grand old structure. As Richard reports, it was an enormous fire. And this old society getaway went up in flames faster than one could ever have imagined. Hunt couldn’t be sadder. As Johnson reports, 300 firemen fought the blaze. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Richard was very fair as always in the reporting. He really is a true gent. I thought these old pictures would help tell what a sad, sad loss this really was.Unknown images-1