Letterman Goes Gaga

April 3rd, 2014

Last night Dave Letterman and Bill Murry got into the act for Gaga’s final performance (of a seven day run) at Roseland in NYC.
Some great Getty photos of the action…220670544,88A94B3101F8A662E84220670996,177F8403E1EA124DC0C220671034,F542E2C4D9FB67C8F76220671046,E8A7044E6AA22333F36Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 12.30.11 PMThat’s Bill Murry and Gaga backstage where she almost looks as if she’s dressed in street clothes. Gaga kind of won over the city with her taxi with the garland of red flowers. It isn’t easy to win Dave’s hear, that’s for sure. But she personally walked him over after his taping. She wowed NY with the costume changes and theatricality. Love! PHOTOS: GETTY 220673785,A46E8AFF3115E12E03F220674609,6649CAA9DACCC34D051220674266,9091CB34BD1EF68460F220673389,3E6E2143597136D076F220674614,7EE53B0FD53887F6D00