Big Affleck Item at PGA Awards

January 20th, 2014

Ahem, big moment at Producers Guild Awards, Chuck Lorre, producer of Big Bang Theory and Two and a half Men, said he was standing next to Ben Affleck a the urinal at Globes and he looked. And he said he was well hung, that they had made the right pick for Batman. And Ben, in his speech, said someone told him, when he came back from having drink at bar, that someone said he had a big dick. He seemed genuinely displeased to have missed the moment. But said, he is often mistaken for Matt Damon, but not so often Michael Fassbender. Good line. Actor producer Brad Pitt looked really cool with the shaved sides of his scalp look. He took guild award tie for best picture with Twelve Years a Slave. He claimed he voted for Gravity at last second, and they tied and also won. Daniel Craig also in the house. The pirate from Captain Phillips said he is a limo driver in his home state (Minn) but that he took a limo to the event, “I love Hollywood!”