Miley at Beachers Madhouse Opening

January 1st, 2014

Beacher'sMadhouseLasVegas_MCyrus,KPerry_12.27.13Beacher'sMadhouseLasVegas_MCyrus,KLutz_12.27.13Beacher'sMadhouseLasVegas_MCyrus_12.27.13Beacher'sMadhouseLasVegas_JBeacher,MCyrus_12.27.13My buddy Jeff Beacher (red vest) drew a fab crowd at his opening soiree of Beacher’s Madhouse in Vegas, Miley Cyrus, Adam Lambert, Emile Hirsch, DJ Pauly D, Mark Salling, and Katy Perry. Performers included Beacher’s Mini-Beyonce, Mini-Miley and Mini-Robin Thicke, the world’s tallest stripper, Mini-Kanye, Mini-Psy, Mini-Michael Jackson, Shaving Cream Man, and Beacher’s house band The Pawn Shop. Believe that the pics express a bit of the madness. So great for Beacher, who got his start here in the Big Apple…

Photos: Kevin Mazur, Getty Images/ WireImage