Sean Penn Walks The Walk in Haiti

November 25th, 2013

Unknown-1Picture of Sean Penn from his brand new Instagram account. “With this picture,” he wrote. “I bust my Instagram cherry. Gonna try to share snaps of our @jphro work in #Haiti and the country and its amazing people. In this shot, I’m walking where 60,000 people lived in tents after the earthquake. We’ve got 58,000 back in homes… It’s a start.” Okay, maybe celebs really should embrace direct media. This is the first time I’ve actually liked the guy. Twenty years ago, in a ballroom at the Pierre, he apologized to me for not wanting to talk to press, and I haven’t heard his voice since. But here, he is seen truly walking the walk.
Personally, I haven’t been brave enough to go back to Haiti since the revolution.His instagram account
Penn’s organization http://jphro.orginstagram account
Penn’s organization