Charlize Turns Sean Penn Anti-Gun

January 12th, 2014

Last night, Sean Penn & Friends HELP HAITI HOME Gala & Fundraiser was an exceedingly special night. It benefitte his J/P Haitian Relief Organization and was presented by Giorgio Armani (Sponsored by NRG Energy). Armani kind of doesn’t miss with events. So you kind of knew it was going to be extraordinary ahead of time. And it so was. In fact, they raised $6 Million.
But am I the very last to realize that Sean Penn an Charlize Theron are an item? He was talking about his South African woman who talked him into getting rid of his guns (which he gave away for Koons sculpture tonight at his fundraiser for his Haiti charityalg-sean-penn-haiti-jpg[1]) She obviously had sad history in her family with a gun. And the guns use for sculpture to be made by Koons for Anderson Cooper (he bought it for 1.4 million) will include Penn’s late brother’s guns. He said he’d lost workers for his charity in Haiti to gun violence. But that his South African woman finally talked him into realizing the evil of guns. And then I saw him leaving the fete and leading Charlize by the hand. And I’m like Oh… finally got it. He’s really very intense person, like his character in Walter Mitty. Was an eye opener to see him up close like that. And he got a room full of people to open their hearts and wallets for Haiti in a way I’ve never really seen at any charity. And then, as promised, he offered up private concert U2. Julia Roberts, Emma Thompson who used the F word, Gwyneth and Chris Martin, just a very WOW group. Kevin Bacon an Kyra. And Sean worked the room, really hugging people taking PHOTOS with donors. Super on and charming.1536468_10152146243336052_1567741999_n[1] And Chris Martin bought a Banksy of a heart with band aids on it (significant?). He an Gwyneth seemed really close. He ha his arm around her, an they rocked out to U2. He spent $650k on the piece. Michael Douglas, Wynona Rider, and Usher Also attended. And Usher, too, was being super nice to fans.. The lapels of his tux had colorful space scene on them. Emma Thompson said F-ked onstage. And that apparently blew Anderson cooper’s mind. He mentioned that on the mike. She had a hat on from org, an flowy white shirt. And she went onstage at one point and tried to take mic from Penn, when he was rambling. But then he got coherent an told great story about U2. A friends pregnant wife died on United flight that went down. And Penn mentioned that to Bono in conversation. And that she loved one particular song by U2. Four years later Penn brought that friend to concert. And Bono, without asking or reminding about the name, played the song as encore that night and said, “This one is for Lauren.” He said everyone has stories about Bono like that…So glad Thompson wasn’t successful getting the mic…

Sean Penn Walks The Walk in Haiti

November 25th, 2013

Unknown-1Picture of Sean Penn from his brand new Instagram account. “With this picture,” he wrote. “I bust my Instagram cherry. Gonna try to share snaps of our @jphro work in #Haiti and the country and its amazing people. In this shot, I’m walking where 60,000 people lived in tents after the earthquake. We’ve got 58,000 back in homes… It’s a start.” Okay, maybe celebs really should embrace direct media. This is the first time I’ve actually liked the guy. Twenty years ago, in a ballroom at the Pierre, he apologized to me for not wanting to talk to press, and I haven’t heard his voice since. But here, he is seen truly walking the walk.
Personally, I haven’t been brave enough to go back to Haiti since the revolution.His instagram account
Penn’s organization http://jphro.orginstagram account
Penn’s organization