Backstage at Victoria Secret with Taylor Swift, The Afterfete, and Gaga

November 14th, 2013

Big day. Backstage at Victoria Secret show in the afternoon. The gals are all running around in silk robes. Then I stopped at the premiere of Charlie Countryman. Evan Rachel Wood is really nice, and I stayed for the first half of the film. And it was so great. Wild party scene where Shia LaBouf drops acid (for real). The movie was about to get super violent, and I had to run anyway, which was perfect. Went to afterfete for Victoria Secret at Tao Downtown (where Leo had his birthday last week). Really great. Talked to nearly every last one of them. They are all soooo beautiful, and nice. They really had fun with Taylor Swift onstage at the show. Taylor had to run off to London–a drag, because Karlie Kloss and the gals loved her and really wanted to hang with her more. They were all backstage together at the show. The party was perfection. They played the show on big screens and all the models were right there in the crowd. The show is actually better on a screen, rather than sitting there while they change the sets. And at one point there was a crush. People just poured into the room. But for once, it wasn’t like being on the subway and being crushed together with people. They were all supermodels. And some were making out with guys, and it didn’t seem to bother them at all that we were suddenly packed in like sardines. Just kept making out. Just the most beautiful people all in a big crush. You just couldn’t move. Seriously, the only time I didn’t mind ever, being crowded like that. And it only lasted a few minutes. And then it was just totally back to being a normal room with lots of delicious food. I saw Noah Tepperberg, who owns the place, and I mentioned that he is killing it at Tao Downtown. Because seriously, between Leo’s birthday last weekend and VS after fete, he has REALLY come a long way since the days he owned a small Kareoke bar on a corner. I mean that was fun, too, but this is BIG Time. And the place has a lot of homey touches, and it is spacious. It is as if he brought gracious Vegas entertaining to Manhattan. Big score!
Oh, and then back at my office, Gaga was playing at the H&M on our corner. No kidding. And there were thousands of people watching at the new H&M which opened at midnight tonight. And I had to show Police my badge that I work you know where, next door, and they were like fine, and our office door was right next to red carpet. This has happened to me in LA before during award season, where all of a sudden it is as if the whole world has a red carpet–and there are like miles of check points and metal fencing and road blocks and armies of security, and you’re like, What is going on. It is like a bad dream of the future.