Karl Lagerfeld, Amanda Harlech and Bunnies

November 6th, 2013

imagesSuch a delight to see Karl Lagerfeld tonight at MoMA. Not only is he the real deal, the people he surrounds himself with are, too. He and Lady Amanda Harlech are seriously amusing. He is not crazy skinny like he was, because he says it helps with the lines on his face. I kind of follow his diet–except for the part about building a ballroom and dancing all the time (I run and swim instead). Chanel was honoring Tilda Swinton tonight. And it was her birthday and Alexa Chung said it was her b-day too. Karl said he hadn’t gotten Tilda anything because he didn’t know. And I said, Gee, you’re giving her this big party. But he said, no, that’s not a personal gift. . . he really is old school and kind and funny. Honestly, it makes my job a delight. And Iman was that lovely last night at Ace Awards. She pinched my nose while she was talking to someone else and said, I could ask her ANYTHING! Oh, and did I mention that Dee Hilfiger, the other day, at Angel Ball, told me she’d seen my brother’s paintings in Aspen at a gallery? That was so nice of her to notice and to tell me. It meant a lot to Hunt. FYI, Hunt gave my son Finbarr a bunny painting yesterday for his 16th birthday. Also way beyond great. We have the most beautiful little fluffy brown bunnies, sort of multi-color that live around our little shack in the Hamptons. They look like expensive fur muffs. So we’ve all always wanted one of Hunt’s bunny portraits. We go to Crown for brunch just to look at the beautiful bunny paintings by Hunt that are on the back stairs. So we’re all loving the bunny and it looks so great in our living room–exquisite gold frame.