Nebraska in Hamptons

October 14th, 2013

Hamptons Film Festival was beyond accommodating to my schedule of dropping son at friends house in Southampton and picking up other son and wife at pumpkin patch. Caught two events. In fact they let me attend Nebraska late. It is in black and white, but filled with colorful characters. One seat left, but there was a coat on seat in balcony. I asked everyone if it was their coat. And they all distinctly said “No.” So I sat on stairs for whole film. Then young woman with long red hair picked up the long blue coat at end of film and carried it away. She had been sitting right next to the coat and had point blank denied it was hers. I must say I did feel like saying, “Gee was your coat comfortable?” I was burning mad, but did nothing. In retrospect I should have immediately mentioned that I would take it to lost and found when they denied ownership. Is all civility dead? Ironically, the film is very sad on the subject of nice people getting screwed, FYI. Payne, who knows the subject intimately, makes Nebraska appear so not fun. Everyone in it is sensational.