Thank You Moms!

May 12th, 2014

Yup on Mother’s day, celebs are just like us, posting fab pics of them with moms.10271580_10152298291601749_814659432427151176_nShall we start with Potus, The President of the United States, who posted this fab shot of him with Flotus, The First Lady. Scene right out of a film. 10325345_10154121190700613_6190208976764359610_nAnd, on Facebook, Kim with North West. She looks like Elizabeth Taylor, no joke. 10291097_696732167051347_8487335629646797764_nAdding in Charlize with her mom, also posted on Facebook for mothers day. At the Oscars, of course. What better tribute to a mom than to bring her with you to the Oscars. 10262090_10152606291138888_5381715921240756977_nAnd that’s Justin Bieber kissing his mom. Doesn’t really get any sweeter. 10301302_10152424264333234_7916807528743607528_nBritney Spears hugging it out with her mom! Justin Timberlake mothersday facebookJustin Timberlake posted this pic of himself. Slice of his mom in the background. Crazy cute. And, last, but definitely not least, Miley Cyrus and Mom. Super adorable…10325404_10152454052172147_7226092116615560955_n

Miley at Beachers Madhouse Opening

January 1st, 2014

Beacher'sMadhouseLasVegas_MCyrus,KPerry_12.27.13Beacher'sMadhouseLasVegas_MCyrus,KLutz_12.27.13Beacher'sMadhouseLasVegas_MCyrus_12.27.13Beacher'sMadhouseLasVegas_JBeacher,MCyrus_12.27.13My buddy Jeff Beacher (red vest) drew a fab crowd at his opening soiree of Beacher’s Madhouse in Vegas, Miley Cyrus, Adam Lambert, Emile Hirsch, DJ Pauly D, Mark Salling, and Katy Perry. Performers included Beacher’s Mini-Beyonce, Mini-Miley and Mini-Robin Thicke, the world’s tallest stripper, Mini-Kanye, Mini-Psy, Mini-Michael Jackson, Shaving Cream Man, and Beacher’s house band The Pawn Shop. Believe that the pics express a bit of the madness. So great for Beacher, who got his start here in the Big Apple…

Photos: Kevin Mazur, Getty Images/ WireImage

Z100 Jingle Ball, Miley Twerks

December 15th, 2013

photo-3photophoto-2photo-1As Robin Thicke predicted while he was standing on his piano early in the evening, after being introduced by Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus tweaked with a tittle person. She also danced with a giant. And she sure looked cute in her sparkly santa outfit with thong. Macklemore was also a standout with his “Same Love” message. Young people loved it. And was go glad my son was there with me to witness. Think the next generation is starting off in a better place in many ways. Amazing night. . . there were two dancers standing near me, and two young girls noticed them and asked if they could just touch their hair. Just so sweet the devotion. .. like Beatles shrieking. My hears were barely functional after from all the shrieks. . .

Miley Album Drop

October 9th, 2013

Well as it turns out Miley was downstairs in The General Jazz Room kind of under The General and Finale, entrance two doors away to the South. My friend Jeff Beacher was hosting his Madhouse in honor of her Album drop. Really cute with his whole madhouse crew. Miley looked really sweet in the lavender lingerie getup. There were the Little People, is that the PC term now, and a woman with chest the size of casabas. Beacher looked smart in his tux. He invited me to Vegas for New Years Eve. And I have to ask the wife and kids put that would really be fun. Miley’s crew is young and VERY energetic. And I didn’t stay forever, because it really wasn’t such a big room, and it was just friends and Madhouse crew and moi, really. Lots of balloons, and I picked up a colorful feather on my way out. I’m just going to give that mild overview, because Beacher told me he had to say, “Hey, he’s my friend,” when I asked for him, and he had to vouch for me, writer, but a friend. I really have been there since his start. And you really had to be all in at first. It was like me, Paris Hilton, Jamie McCarthy, the photographer. And like 20 other people who were regulars like 15, 20 years ago. And now Beacher is a sensation. And dapper. An air of success. And he gave Miley one of the most fun, coolest Album drops I’ve ever witnessed. And most of them are loud, but relatively fun-free. This was sweet and cool. And he introduced me to the court Magician, who was beyond amazing. His cigararette bounced and bounded up to his lips. And he had me write on a card, and he put it in a deck and then pulled it out of his mouth. Crazytown!Adam Flowers is his name and he’s very tall and gifted. On his card it says, “Corporate Magician,” kind of great… What a party!!!!